Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WEEK 4 - Day 22

1.1 kilograms lost this week - 5.9 kilograms in total!  I'm quite pleased BUT I know that I can do better.

Today was quite good.  I'm still getting through with this migraine.  I'm drinking just a bit over 2 litres of water as I know that helps.  I also spent the day in bed to catch up on lost sleep over the past 4 nights or so.  It was so nice to wake up feeling refreshed.

I have an appointment with Dr Winnett tomorrow.  I am trying to think of some questions to ask him - I can't think that I have anything to ask as I have done so much reading.  I am sure I'll think of something to ask when I get there.

This week I intend on going to the gym more.  I'd like to do at least half an hour each day.  This is really going to help the weight come off for my weigh in on Monday next week.  What's the saying - no pain, no gain.  I'm aiming for some pain. 

I'm looking forward to what this week brings.  I'm hoping that it's not so stressful for starters!

I hope everyone is well xoxo

1 comment:

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