Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 16

Because of my slight 'falling off the Wagon' on the Weekend, I've found it quite hard to get through today.  It's like I'm back in Week 1 again. 

I have had 3 litres of water, my Chocolate Optifast for breakfast, a Chocolate Optifast bar for lunch and I am about to have my Chocolate Optifast for tea along with my Vegies.  I know I'll get through the night - it's just a matter of focusing and doing it.  Lucky I'm having an early one as I have work tomorrow!  As long as I am asleep, I don't think about food :)

I went to the gym this afternoon.  I walked 1km in a minute and a half less than what I did on Monday morning.  I am really improving.  I have a personal training session on Friday that I am looking forward to.  I need someone to push me that little bit further.  Now that my cough is getting better, I'll certainly stay longer when I go tomorrow night. 

I'm enjoying going.  I thought the fact that I was around guys would bother me but, it's not really getting to me at all.  I just go in there and do my thing.  It was nice this afternoon as I was so hot in the face from the exercise that I had done, when I walked outside the rain cooled my cheeks down :)

Things are going well - I hope that I start to go a bit better in the next few days as I get back into the swing of things.

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