Progress pictures

I'll put together a collection of photos from as far back as I can.  It's interesting to see how I've changed over the years.

ALL of these moments are precious and even though I may not be happy with the way I look in some of these photos, I treasure every single one.

January 2012

December 2011

Me and my magic stick :)

November 2011

October 2011

September 2011

August 2011

July 2011

June 2011

My work pass and I :) the photo for my work pass was taken back in March 2010.  I look totally different!

So I don't really know what I was doing with my head in this pic but I look rather amusing.  Maybe I was worried about someone walking out of the Toilet to catch me red handed taking piccys of myself!

May 2011

Eli Jacob and I - 3rd May 2011
April 2011

THOSE stairs at the gym!


At 'relay for life' 2011 on the 2nd of April

March 2011

I'm on the right in the purple (obviously!)

Love my baby Monkey


It's diet lime!  Not proper stuff!

February 2011

January 2011

My 31st Birthday - 23.01.2011

August to NYE 2010

31st December 2010

31st December 2010

A tad tipsy NYE 2010

24th December 2010

27th November 2010 -10 days after Surgery at the Melbourne Aquarium

16th November 2010 - day before Surgery

16th November 2010 - day before surgery. I HATE the look of myself in this photo.  Can't wait to go and sit on that swing in 6 months or so to see the difference.

6th November 2010

6th November 2010

15th September 2010 (yes, I met SHANE CRAWFORD!!!)

2010 (prior to August)

25th January 2010

March 2010


July 2009


August 2008

August 2008

August 2008

January 2008


June 2007


October 2006












Gosh I am cute!


  1. Hi There! Just curious, were you quite big when you had your children?

  2. Hi Karyn,

    Yes, I was. I was 120kg when I had my eldest Son (who is 12), around about 100kg when I had my other Son (who is 10 - I did have gall stones throughout my pregnancy and this is how I lost the weight - through not eating!) and I was around about 170 when I had my Twins who are now 3.

  3. Thanks for your reply. My hubby and I are TTC and I am 170 and stressed that it will majorly impact. Only ONE doctor is even willing to help us :(

    You are doing great and are quite the inspiration! About time someone started demanding equality - people who are fat are STILL people! I get what you get all the time too. :(

  4. Hi Karyn,

    Being overweight can impact your chances of conception and you will have a lot of Doctors who are very nasty to you.

    There are a lot of great sites about people who are bigger and are TTC. It can be done. Have spoken to people about PCOS or any other things that may be affecting your ability to have a baby?

    EVERY time I saw a Doctor when I was pregnant with the Twins, they mentioned that I needed to do something about my weight (obviously) and honestly, being overweight did make my pregnancy tougher as I wasn't able to focus on the positive things about having a baby like I was able to in the past.

    I wish you all the best xo

  5. Hey Steph, good on you for being strong and trying to do something about your problems... Impossible is nothing... From even looking at your pics you have certainly made great inroads... Good on you... Guess not that easy being a mum of for kids and working... As probably yet another positive prompt - I had a friend who at some point was 160kg aged 29... all he changed in his life was started watching his diet and walking at least 45min/day... the result was - he lost 80kg in three years... Whatever you do - keep doing it and do not lose your focus!...