Things I can't wait to do in the future that I can't do now... a list in progress but was started before my first lap band

- Ride a bike ACCOMPLISHED in July 2011
- Sit in any chair without worrying about breaking it or not fitting in it
- SHOPPING!  And finding something that fits nicely ACCOMPLISHED in November 2011 as I am no longer in big, big, big sizes :)
- Eating in public without feeling paranoid
- Not having to use my seat belt extension ACCOMPLISHED on Mother's day 2011
- Being able to fit in my friend's cars without having to explain why I'm not going to wear the seat belt ACCOMPLISHED in Trishy's Car in October 2011 but I suppose it depends on what sort of car it is...
- Going on a long fishing charter and enjoying it because I know if I need to go to use the toilet, I'll fit (they have really small toilets on the charter boats)
- Paint ball!
- Playing sports - Netball, AFL, Tennis, Swimming
- Go on an Aeroplane because I can fit in the seat :)
- Having someone sit next to me on the train because the will actually fit
- Not having to have a 'big chair' at work ACCOMPLISHED in January 2012 - I'm on a standard issue chair now, baby!
- Being able to buy shoes.  My feet swell up which means my shoes don't fit.  I can't wait to go shopping to go and buy some nice new stappy shoes :) ACCOMPLISHED with Trishy back in September 2011 - now have something other than thongs to wear :)
- I'm going to get some nice family photos done and some of those glamour shots done just for myself :)
- I can't wait to have more energy to chase the kids around.  I look forward to being able to actually run after them ACCOMPLISHED and is stil going on and you should have seen their faces the first time it happened!
- Cross my legs like a lady ACCOMPLISHED! Well, on my couch anyway!
- To be able to ride on rides at the show
- Be able to put socks and shoes on (I can't do that at the moment) ACCOMPLISHED! I can't remember when I managed to do this but I think it was back in June 2011?  A wonderful moment.
- Go hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing - to enjoy the great outdoors!
- To make myself less attractive to diabetes ACCOMPLISHED!  This is an ongoing thing!
- To have the self esteem to apply for different jobs in other areas of my company ACCOMPLISHED! I applied for my first internal job back in November 2011 - I didn't get it but I applied!
- To perhaps maybe wear bathers again?
- To go 'go karting' for the first time
- To RUN and enjoy it ACCOMPLISHED! Late 2011.  I love running and look forward to being able to use it in a theraputic manner!
- To buy pretty underwear :)
- To attend my next School reunion and feel proud
- To not have to check to see if I am the biggest person in the room but to make sure that the biggest person in the room looks as though they are as comfertable as they can be.
- To stick up for people that are picked on because of their size ACCOMPLISHED! Big time back in the middle of 2011.
- To motivate and encourage others because I've done it - they can to ACCOMPLISHED!
- To be able to jump on the Trampoline with the kids
- To do a Cartwheel and a Handstand
- I want to be able to be picked up by people!  I think that would be fun.
- To wear 'daisy dukes' with a 'bikini on top'!
- To fit in my shower comfertably (I can't get into the door properly at the moment without it coming off the rail thing) ACCOMPLISHED! I can't remember when this was but, I don't even think I realized until it was too late to make note of it!
- To bend over without my bum looking like it's a place to park a bike (or a number of them) ACCOMPLISHED! I think I have a sexy butt - must be due to the stairs
- To lay on the couch with comfort because half of me is not falling off ACCOMPLISHED! That's what happens when you buy bigger couches!  No, just kidding.  I can lay on it comfortably now.
- To get into a lift without worrying about people thinking 'gosh that went down heaps when she got on'
- To spend a fortune at SAVERS and be able to have a wider range of clothes to choose from
- I really want to wear knee high (or maybe thigh high) boots!
- I want to go scuba diving but I won't fit into a wet suit at the moment but I want to look good in the wet suit when I do!
- Enjoy my photo being taken ACCOMPLISHED! I probably enjoy it a little too much...
- Go to the Doctors without them telling me I'm overweight!
- I want to learn POLE DANCING!
- To inspire others on their jounrey and be able to say 'if I can do it, so can you'
- I'd love to be able to lay in bed with either one of the Twins to comfort them without breaking their bed.  I can't lay on their beds with them as the bottoms of them buckle.  I hate it.  Something I can't wait to change ACCOMPLISHED! I am not worried to do it now although I am careful - they are not the most expensive beds in the world so that might have something to do with it...
- To not have to worry about chafing when I am at the Gym - it stops me from doing the things I want to do - I have the motivation and energy, I just get too sore to keep going.
- To sky dive :)
- I'd love to go rollerskating again
- I would love to learn how to dance!  Like just simple moves so when I go out and people are dancing, I don't look like a tool
- I can't wait untill the equipment at the gym calculates the number of calories burnt properly.  The equipment on recognises people up to 180 - not anything above that amount.  It will be great when it does ACCOMPLISHED! In November 2011
- Drive other people's cars without the fear of not fitting
- To sit on the ground or floor and be able to get up with ease
- To go to the Nudie beach :)


  1. This list is a work in progress - if anyone has heard me say 'gosh I'd love to be able to do that but...', please comment it here so I can add it to my list! This list keeps me motivated and reminds me of why I am doing this xo

  2. This list sounds very much like mine.

    You are an inspiration to me:

  3. i love this list!! I hope one day you are able to do it all and more!!! Best of luck!! I know you will go far in your journey love chantal

  4. Brilliant - i was going 'check, check, check' in my head as i was reading it!

    I'd love to see you update the list and mark things off and you achieve them