Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 6

Not a lot has happened today!  It's been quite a lazy Saturday!  I'm feeling a bit better after yesterday.  This is such an emotional roller coaster ride.

I've had 2 shakes - one at around 12pm and the other at 6pm.  I don't feel like having the other one.  I have only had around a litre of fluid. I'm not hungry or thirsty.  I'm just feeling pretty much, well... blah.

I was naughty this morning and I did weigh myself.  I should have waited until Monday.  I had lost and from memory (as I was half asleep), it worked out that I had lost about a kilogram per day since I've been on the Optifast.  I am quite pleased but I shall wait until Monday until my official weigh day to record anything :)

I had a bit of spare time today to do some more research into lap-band.  i found a fantastic forum where lap banders go and share their stores.  It's really inspiring.  I've joined it and I've already found some really helpful information on there including some more recommendations for books (I thought I already owned every single one out there!).

I'm going to start walking tomorrow.  I get really sore hips from walking to far.  I've said it before that when I walk from the train station to work (which isn't far at all) makes me ache.  I am going to walk a few laps around the oval tomorrow to see how I go.  I am going to start exercising for half an hour each day from tomorrow to accelerate my weight loss prior to the surgery.

I also look forward to spending some time out in the back yard tomorrow with the Kids.  We had the lawns done today so the grass is no longer up to my knees :) I hope it's not too cold.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

Ooohhh, almost forgot - temptations resisted today... making double chocolate chip cookies, mashed potato, toasted muesli, coffee, yogurt and chocolate pudding :)

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