Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 9

I am officially a member of Genesis in Melton!  Today I took the plunge and signed up at the Gym.

I had my appointment with Sean this afternoon and he was fantastic.  I spoke to him on the phone on Sunday to find out if their exercise Machines would hold my weight.  It seems as though they do as when I went in there today, the treadmill did not come up with an error message (unlike it did in a gym in Ringwod that I used to attend) and the Cross trainer also didn't seem to complain about me being there.  The stepper on the other hand didn't like me at all - I'll have to get rid of a few more kilos before I use that one.  Even with trying out the equipment I managed to get a tiny bit puffed!  I am SO unfit!

There's also a pool there.  Every obstacle that I gave Sean, he seemed to be able to jump over!  I asked him how I'd get out of the pool as I don't do well with the ladders that go straight up - he showed me the platform that they use for the kids classes.  He even said he'd be happy to put it in the water for me when I wanted go go for a Swim.  I also booked some personal training sessions which will be great post surgery. 

Given the fact I think Sean looks a bit like Shane Crawford, it wasn't hard for him to make a sale today :) and for anyone who knows me, this would be of benefit for anyone - even if I were an Eskimo and the 'looks a bit like Shane Crawford' person was trying to sell me ice, they would be successful :)

My first visit to the Gym will be tomorrow night and I'll do the aqua aerobics class on Thursday.  I intend on going for half an hour every week day to start with and I'll increase it as I get better.  I also hope to do some other classes as I get fitter.  I'm happy that I've taken another positive step forward.

I had some good advice from one of my followers about measuring myself - using a piece of string and laying it across a builders tape.  I am going to start this as of next week.  The only difficult part for me to measure will be my waist.

For a number of years during high school, I used to put a belt around my waist.  I used to tighten it as far as it would go.  It used to make me feel thin.  When I'd put my hand on my 'waist', because of the belt, it would create an illusion that I was thin.  Well, I thought it did anyway. 

I used to feel thin when I wore it.  It felt like a corset.  A really thin corset.  I didn't realise at that stage that I'd do such damage to myself at a later stage.  I just wanted to have a waist to put my hands on like the other girls did. 

I can't remember how many years I wore it for but as a result, I have a permanent indent around my waist.  This has proved a problem when wearing pants or skirts as I have no where for them to sit.

So, indent or no indent, I will try and measure my waist as accurately as possible so that I can measure my results in another way other than just how I weigh.

Last night, I had the Optislim tomato soup.  It was actually really nice.  It was very sweet.  It was much better than the Optislim chicken soup which I choked on due to the amount of texture in it.  The Optifast vegetable isn't bad but the Tomato is my favourite by far at this stage.  Add a salad and it was the perfect meal.  Add a 'salad stuffer', and it's hard to say no to those leafy greens...

As soon as I sat down with my salad last night, Charlotte came up and picked up handfuls of salad and started to shove it in my mouth!  Most of it ended on my chest but it was so cute!  I couldn't resist!  I didn't even get to pick out the bits of carrot that were in there (I'm not allowed to have carrot at the moment).

Temptations resisted today - I had to go to the Bakery to pick up some bread for everyone else right after the Gym today and I REALLY wanted a party pie but didn't have one nor did I have a carton of chocolate Big M, a doughnut, pieces of fresh bread with vegemite or tuna, the roast chicken roll that everyone else is having tonight or a a big glass of orange that I still crave from last week!


  1. It's 9.11pm and I'm off to the Gym for the first time! Woohoo!

  2. You go girl joining the gym! Infact you have motivated me, time to get my butt back to the gym.

    I am loving your blog, it's so real. Your doing so so well Steph.


  3. I'm loving it too Steph, you are my inspiration.

  4. I am so happy that you girls are finding some motivation and inspiration. It makes me pleased :) xoxo