Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 19 - aaahhh, Friday

Today was quite a strange day.  I've still got the migraine but, I have to keep going and keep things on track.

One thing that I have had to do is write my will.  The chances of death when having any kind of surgery is always there.  Having lap band, the death rate is 1 in 2000.  The number of death increases according to your weight.  I haven't asked what the chances are for me.  I'm staying positive but also sensible by making sure things like my will are updated.

It was quite strange writing it.  Thinking about things that you wouldn't normally have to think about.  I did it online which was great as it was so easy to complete.  Things that I never would have thought about like requesting that people donate money to a charity instead of sending flowers.  What sort of music I want played.  Where I want my ashes scattered.  If I want to be turned into ashes.  What gifts I leave to members of my family. 

I'm not wanting to spend a lot of time thinking about what could happen if it's not going to but, I'm going to write some letters and put them away so that just in case anything does, these can be given to who they belong to.  Or I might do a video letter rather than a written one.  That would mean I could do it quicker and my wrist won't get sore from writing so much!

Some things that I wasn't able to put in is that I'd prefer that people don't wear all black to my funeral.  That to me is quite depressing and I don't want it to be that way.  I'd love a series of photos shown.  Whilst going through some photos to put on my blog, I've discovered that even though I hate having my photo taken, I've managed to have some fantastic moments in my life captured.  I'd love them shown whilst some music is played.  'Time of your life' by Greenday is the song that I've always wanted played at my Funeral.  From the moment I heard it, it meant so much to me and still does.  The other song I want played is 'somewhere over the rainbow' sung by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

It's strange having to think about these sorts of things but it's important.  At least it's done now.  I just need to get it signed and it's official. 

Just another step closer to surgery.

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