Helpful links related to lap band and weight loss
A great place to start.  A website with a wealth of information in a clear, easy to read format.  You can also access information and contact details on Doctors who perform Lap Band surgery in your area and also find free seminairs on lap banding that you can attend.
A website that rewards you for your exercising efforts :) a fantastic concept.  I am going to save up my vouchers to get some new clothes once I have lost my weight :)
A wonderul forum with a great group of people discussing everything lap band.  Pre or post surgery, you'll find somethig interesting and relevant to read.  Very welcoming and very helpful.  Come on and introduce yourself :)
This website has some great products that you can purchase in regard to portion sizes and control.  They have information on here for both bandits and sleeves and have some wonderful books on here with up to date information on foods.
The best forum that I have found for those who have (or are considering getting) a sleeve.
Is a site that is associated with lap banding therefore, is very 'pro surgery' (not that there's anything wrong with that) however, if you're looking for something non surgical, this is not really the place.
Where I purchased my scales from.  Her (my sclaes) name is BB (inside joke!).  They also have a number of other scales that they sell.  They offer a prompt service and value for money products.  These scales go up to 250kg.  They also sell some that go up to 300kg and you can find those ones here
A different way of looking at food.
A forum filled with lots of helpful information about all aspects of Obesity.  Very friendly and welcoming and active.

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