Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 7 - the week is almost done and dusted :)

Well, the week is nearly over!  I feel very proud of myself.  I've stuck to the program and I've done what even I didn't think I could do - not cheat or let myself down by having things that I shouldn't eat. 

As I mentioned yesterday, I've joined a forum with other Lap Banders and many of them speak of their Optifast journey.  I'm yet to find one that didn't resort to normal food in their first week.  If it was a main meal or some take away or they pigged out on something because they were so hungry they just couldn't handle it any more, I've experienced all of those sensations yet I've managed to conquer every one.  It's been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hard at times but, I've found something to focus on and something to keep me motivated and strong through each moment of weakness.  I still can't believe it's a week.  1 down.  7 to go.

I wanted to go for a walk today but, it was raining.  Nothing stops me lately - I did go for a walk but not at the local oval...

I took myself to Watergardens and went shopping :) I rewarded myself with some new clothes for my good behaviour for this week and spent a little too much money (I should have remembered the old age rule of never shopping when you're hungry as with me that applies for anything, not just food!).  I walked SO much and SO fast!  I also parked as far as away as I could from the shops that I needed to go to.  I actually worked up a sweat and managed to get puffed!  I consider that as my half an hour walk :)

As this photo was being taken, a couple walked past me (mid twenties?) and the guy said to his partner "look at that fat chick" she turned around to look.  I said to her "yes, I am fat!  Have you not seen a fat chick before?".  Lachlan (my 11 year old who was taking the photo and also heard the man comment along with my response) is used to this although he shouldn't be.  I don't understand what the attraction is.  Sure, I'm big but I'm not the biggest person in the world and even if I was, it gives no right for people to point me out like I am some kind of attraction at the Zoo.

After Lachie had finished taking the photo, I took the opportunity to apologise to him for the fact that he has had to live with this his whole life.  He said that it was okay.  He said that they don't know that I am a nice person and they are the people who are missing out.  I am happy that I have taught him well but, it shouldn't be like that. 

When I was going through the photos that he took before posting this up, there was a really bad one (I wasn't ready!) but, I think it's important that I post it as well because it's a close up of my face and as I have only just started having photos taken, I am not really happy with how I look but these are photos that I will cherish as the weeks, months and years go on. 

I don't feel like I look like this.  I feel like I look like everyone else.  It's hard to explain...

But anyway - it's WEIGH IN DAY TOMORROW!  I will weigh myself at 5ish in the morning and I'll post my results up tomorrow night (if I get the chance, I'll add the result to the weigh in page before I leave for work but I probably won't get the time).

I want to thank you all again for your comments, Emails, SMS messages, phone calls, PM's - EVERYTHING.  I appreciate it SO MUCH xoxo and I also wish to commend a lot of you for starting your own Journeys to being healthier and making positive changes in your lives.  It's fantastic to know that I am inspiring others to change.  I am honoured to be in this position and can honestly say if I can do it, so can you xoxo

Temptations resisted today - boost juice (YUM!), yo yo biscuits and a vegemite sanga were the only 2 things that I really resisted today.  These were the things that I craved but did not give in to - a red rooster chicken roll, nachos, tacos, roast pumpkin, dim sims, apples, dried banana chips, vegemite scroll, mars bar, muffin break, egg and lettuce sanga and a cherry ripe :)

Bring on week 2!


  1. Steph, you are doing so well - your attitude is inspirational!

  2. Steph you are inspirational, and remember you will lose the weight but they will still be rude!!! This last post breaks my heart, because I've been there. You can do it girl, and you need to take the whole family along for the ride, they can all make healthy eating choices, packed lunches, walks to the park with Mum. Stop the cycle Steph, your kids are young enough to change them and it won't hurt Brad either, just don't tell him I daubed him in!!! Lol, well done girl!!!

  3. Steph i hope you dont mind but i tried finding you on FB but dont have your last name... Can you add me.

  4. Steph you are a beautiful person and it pisses me off so much that people think it is OKAY to talk about and to you like that. People need to think of the consequences of their actions and how it makes people feel. I hope karma bites them all in the ass big time.

    On a happier note you are doing wonderful and I am hanging to find out how much weight you have lost.


  5. I've posted up the weekly result - I am VERY pleased :)

    People have no right at all to speak to me like that. They have no right to speak to anyone like that. It's pathetic and annoying and one day I HOPE I don't crack! lol.