Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 4

Today was rather uneventful as far as days go.

I had a 9.45am appointment with Physician, Dr Jeremy Goldin.  I was very pleased with myself as I turned onto the Freeway at 8.45 with plenty of time to spare well, so I thought.

45 minutes later and having moved only about 2 kilometres along the Western Freeway toward the City, I phoned to cancel my appointment as I could see that I wouldn't be there in time.  Although I couldn't see what was ahead of me, I knew I wouldn't be going anywhere fast.  It's good that I wasn't able to attend today in a way as I would have had a series of breathing tests which wouldn't be a true reflection of my normal self due to this awful cold.

I have re booked my appointment for Thursday the 26th of August at 9.45.  This will probably result in me having to stay overnight at the Western Hospital so I can partake in a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. 

Anyone who has been within a kilometre of me as I sleep knows that I snore VERY loudly and I do quite often stop breathing so, I am hoping that as a result of this weight loss, this is also something I can say goodbye to.

Today has been quite easy in the way of food.  I had my Optifast shake whilst waiting in the traffic along with my first lot of 750ml of water.  I had my next shake at 1.30pm along with another 750ml of water. 

I had a litre of water between 6pm and 7pm and am awaiting my dinner as I had to get out of the Kitchen - temptation was too great!  Everyone else is having a delicious slow cooked chicken chasseur dish with pasta and carrots.  I dished up the babies diner but had to get out before I dished up my own - I did taste a small piece of Chicken to see if was done and yes, it was :) maybe that's where I went wrong!

I'm finding it easy to use the slow cooker to cook dinner as everything is raw when it goes in - there is no temptation to eat raw chicken.  It's only when it's finished I need to be cautious.

I'm having Optifast chicken soup with 2 cups of lettuce and a no fat dressing.  Yum :)

Temptations resisted today - a massive serving of chicken chassuer with pasta and carrots, lolly snakes and sliced tasty cheese :)

I'm gearing myself up to resist a huge temptation tomorrow at work - Cath's cupcakes!


  1. you can do it honey! i will make u a fantaboulous shake :D

    xoxox love ya!

  2. Hey Steph, keep up the amazing work and the great blogging...I think I'm addicted!!:) I wish you all the best but from what I've been reading I'm pretty sure you're not going to be needing any wishes as you're so focused there's no possibility that you're not going to do this. You are truly inspiring! Keep that wonderful attitude and you will succeed more than you imagined!

  3. Thank you guys xoxo

    Well wishes are much appreciated though Jacqui! They help me keep motivated. It's a solo journey but when you have support it doesn't feel as though you're alone. It's nice to know I'm supported each step of the way. I may make it look easy but, it is a bit of a struggle at times, trust me! xoxo

    Cath, you better make those lamington cup cakes when I can eat them (maybe a reduced fat version). They looked SOOOOO good. Love you xoxo