**VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED** - Surgery photos and fill clips

Nope, not everyone's cup of tea but, when I had my Surgery, I asked my Surgeon if he wouldn't mind taking some photos of my procedure.  After the surgical photos, I have added some photos of my incisions and have also added some photos of my scars a month and a half post op.

If seeing someones insides is not something you want to see, I suggest you click back and look at something else!  I don't find any of the following content offensive but rather educational and I hope that you find them to be the same.  If you are squeemish, I don't suggest you look!

The first time I saw the pictures of the procedure.  I was amazed at how clear they were.  I was fascinated at the fact that they are MY insides!

Last chance to turn back...

Here they come...

Stephanie's lap band procedure performed by Dr Jason Winnett 17th November 2010

This is a picture of one of the instruments being pushed through the inside wall.

My liver and what I call the 'river of fat'.  I wish they'd sucked it out whilst they were there!

More liver and fat.  I'd hate to think what it looked like before Optifast!

More liver but now with little clamps as well!

I believe that's the top of my stomach...

And here comes the band being wrapped around the top of my stomach.

Being wrapped around the top of my stomach.

The being pulled around he top of my stomach and almost ready to be clipped into place.

All done!

Band being stiched into place

And there it is!

Post surgery wound pics

This was taken about 24 hours after Surgery. Each dressing was numbered - the one right up the top is 1, the one below that is 2, the biggest one is 3, the below and to the side of that is 4 and the one on my belly button is 5.  Note the brusing around incision number 3.  That was where they put the biggest instrument through.

Blissfully unaware of anything during my afternoon nap the day I returned home after Surgery!

The biggest incision the day that the surgical dressings were taken off.  Still a lot of brusing from the surgery and irritation from the dressing itself but all in all, a clean cut and no longer painful - this was 16 days post op.

A month and a half post op scar pics

None of my wounds are sore anymore.  There is some numbness around the biggest one however, none of them hurt to touch or anything like that.  The pain stopped for me around about a week post op.

Scar number 1 (refer to numbered surgical dressings).  I still can't believe how I have irritation marks from the dressings this far on!

Scar number 2 - this one is a bit red still as i had a stich in it that didn't disolve - I ended up just pulling it out about a week ago.  Blah.

Scar number 3 - this has healed up so well.  I have compared it to the scar that I have from when I had my gall bladder out almost 10 years ago and this one is going to heal up nicely.  I don't imagine there will be much of a trace o it in a few years.

Scar number 4 - so tiny!

Here's the link to the video of my first fill... just a warning - if you're a bit squeemish and don't like blood or needles you probably wouldn't be looking in this section anyway however, the following is a needle going into my stomach and afterwards there is a little bit of blood (not much at all).

Here's the link to my 2nd fill which was done on the 28th of April 2011.

My dishwasher powder injury



  1. These are awesome. Please post more of you've got any. Not just the ones on the insides bit also the outsides.

  2. I don't have any more than the ones I have put up other than my bellybutton which was infected at the time. I will continue to post the healing scars every 6 months or so to see how they've changed.

  3. I'll post some more healing ones in the next few days.

  4. Do you smoke? or did you use to smoke a lot?

  5. I did smoke for about 12 years. I haven't had one in 4.