Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 13 - emotional eating... GUILTY

Well, I've heard the truth hurts to this is going to be agonising.

I haven't been the 'best' behaved today when it's come to my eating habits.

Thursday was when my whole 'doing so well' pedestal came crashing down as I didn't have my Optifasts at the right time.  I had Subway as a result which I accepted.

Yesterday, I had a glass of wine.  I was delivered some quite shocking news a family member yesterday afternoon which justifies the glass of wine (lucky it was just a glass rather than the bottle). 

Today, I have not behaved at all.  For breakfast, I didn't have anything.  For lunch, I had a salad roll with ham.  For dinner, I had 4 slices of Pizza. 

I take full responsibility for all of my actions and everything that I put into my mouth but it is amazing how our emotions can often control what we feel like eating.  I knew that I was an emotional eater.  I just hadn't had it confirmed until now.

It's hard to write what I've been up to here but it's all part of my journey.  It's certainly not the right thing to have done but, it's done now.  I don't feel the best about it.  I just have to work out a way how to make sure that it doesn't happen again. 

I'm wondering if anyone has read any books on emotional eating or has found a way to conquer emotional eating and has any tips to share?  I imagine that this is not the only time in the next 6 weeks that I don't feel the best for whatever reason and I'd love to have some tools on how to manage it better for next time.

Temptations resisted today - more pizza than I should have had, Coke instead of diet lemonade, eggs and bacon and chocolate.

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