Monday, August 9, 2010

WEEK 1 - Day 1

Today was pretty good.  A lot easier than I thought it would be :)

My first weigh in was quite eventful.  I was 222 kilograms at the Hospital and today I am 219.7 kilograms.  Yay!  :)

I got off the train and smelt the cookies baking at Mrs Fields in Melbourne Central. There was also a hint of Citrus from the fruit being cut up at my favourite juice store.  Breakfast was being served at both MacDonalds and Hungry Jacks. I am sure that the Cheesymite Scrolls at Brumbys were just as warm and Cheesy as they've ever been but reality hit as I walked past at least 10 ticket validation machines that were working perfectly as I headed toward the one that caters for Wheelchairs and Prams (I can't go through the other ones as they tear my pants even if I walk on the side), I remembered that nothing that was going on around me mattered.  It was me and this moment of realisation that today was the day.  Probably the most important day of my journey.  A day to prove it to myself that I matter.  That I am important.  That I am worth the effort that this is going to take.

I hadn't been in to work for almost 8 weeks due to the severe migraines that I had been experiencing.  It was great being back.  I set myself up by getting rid of temptations - my breakfast bars, Milo, Coffee, Cappuccino Sachets that were sitting on my desk had to go.  

After that, I headed off to the Kitchen to make my first shake.  One of my team mates was there for the moment and kindly took a photo for me (ta Tash). I had the Chocolate one. It wasn't too bad.  

I told people at work what I was doing (the lap band).  I included the information in an Email that I sent around the team at the same time as saying a big thank you for the lovely card they gave me whilst I was in Hospital.  I didn't give weights and things, just what I was planning on doing.  I want people to be aware of what I am doing as I need to keep motivated.  One of the girls in my team shared a story about her Mum and the amazing results that she had achieved by following a Protein diet.  It was so inspiring.  I was so proud of someone who I had never even met at what they had achieved as I can imagine how it would feel.  She looked unbelievable.  I can't wait to feel like that.

I had a Vanilla shake for lunch and I managed to polish off my 2 litres of water by 4pm.  

I was feeling quite good at the end of the day despite having a headache but, no day is without it's dampener... I got on the train at Melbourne Central and headed toward North Melbourne (2 stops - no point in sitting down although there were plenty of seats available).  Some Goose and his mates got off at Flagstaff (1 stop down from Melbourne Central) and pointed to a row of seats at the back and said to me 'I saved 2 seats for you over there' and started to piss himself laughing.  My response - 'thank you.  So long as I don't have to share one of them with you'.  He said something back as the door closed.  

I guess this is where I'll learn to love my MP3 player again.  Although I have the comebacks, hearing this sort of stuff isn't great.  I didn't let it get me down.  I just smiled knowing that I am probably a hell of a lot smarter than him and whatever came out of his mouth as the doors closed was probably some kind of lame come back that his Mates would have thought was pathetic anyway.  I should have sat on him.  Tool.

Tonight I had a gorgeous stir fry.  Broccoli, spring onion and a tiny bit of red capsicum.  It had a nice creamy texture to it as I used olive oil spray and I added a tablespoon of water along with a tiny bit of garlic.  It was so good.  I'm still supposed to have another shake but I don't think I have the room. 

I also managed to find some essences (thank you for your magic Google wand, Mother and thank you Cath for your eager hunting). I have ordered some sugar free flavours to add to my Vanilla shakes.  I also ended up purchasing some Optifast soups which I'll try.  I also grabbed some sugar free lollies.  I'm going to start a new page of 'purchases' so that interested people can find the products I've been getting with ease without having to do all the leg work.

Thank you for all the lovely comments.  It's so lovely to feel loved and supported through this.  I really appreciate it xoxo  And if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  I'm happy to answer them (where I can, of course!).

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  1. You go girl! I'm glad to hear that you had a good first day, what a great way to start your new journey.

    Sorry to hear about the asshats at the train station, they sound like wonderful contributing members of society (not)

    Bec Xx