Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2

Well, day 2 is almost over and I'm still going well and am definitely on the right track.

I've come down with quite a bad cold so naturally the first thing I feel like having when I get up is a big glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.  Nope.  Not today!  I had my chocolate Optifast and some diet apple and raspberry cordial instead.

I didn't have lunch as I slept through it but for dinner I had one of the Optifast vegetable soups which are actually really nice.  They are just like the normal Continental cup a soup without the croutons!  I also had 2 cups of stir fried broccoli with a tiny bit of garlic.

Drinking my 2 litres has been a bit of a challenge.  I'm going to go and have a shower and unblock my nose so I can finish off my last 750ml of fluid.

My sugar free essences arrived today.  I can't wait to experiment with them to see how I can flavour my Vanilla shakes but I have since discovered that Optifast comes in 4 flavours rather than 2.  They also have Strawberry and Coffee - these cost a substantial amount more than the chocolate and vanilla ones though.  Not sure why.  Go figure...

4 of my books arrived today.  My cook books for after surgery and 'fighting weight' by Khaliah Ali which I can't wait to read.  After reading the first few lines, I can tell it's a book I am going to not only relate to but enjoy thoroughly.  I'll add my review in my books section once I've finished.

Temptations that I overcame today - hot buttered toast, a delicious slow cooked lamb casserole that I made for everyone else for dinner, doughnuts and my favourite sausage rolls from the bakery. 

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  1. once again hun... sorry about the snag rolls, got them for the kids lunch on way home from the shops and gave them to Charlotte to carry in (as she demands to help carry a bag as you know) will take a little bit of time for everyone to get in the lessen the tempation sort of thing, but it will happen.

    proud of your efforts so far