Monday, August 16, 2010

WEEK 2 - Day 8

Well, this morning I weighed in at 215.4 kilograms which means I lost a total of 4.3 kilograms in Week 1.  I am so pleased with my achievement :)

Tomorrow I am off to the Gym.  I have decided to join one to exercise in a controlled environment.  I want to do some low impact exercises like aqua aerobics.  The only equipment I could really use would be the cross trainer and the exercise bike.  When I was at Fernwood a few years ago, I used to do the classes but I think that it will be a while before I get into them again due to my aching joints :/ I really look forward to seeing what next weeks results are given the fact that I tend to move things along a little bit :)

Today was good - I had a Vanilla Optifast for breakfast, a Chocolate one for lunch and I'm going to have a Tomato Optislim for dinner along with 2 cups of salad.  I've had plenty of water as well.

My hunger pangs are getting less and less by the day.  When I have the shakes at the right time and I drink enough fluid, I feel really good.  It's not hard to stick too after the first week.  It seems to be getting easier each day and each shake I have, I know I get closer to my Surgery.

I got picked on at the station tonight.  This girl and this guy found my not so petite size figure to be quite amusing by walking into the 'waiting area' of the station only to walk out again in fits of laughter exclaiming 'fffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she's fat'.  Hey.  State the obvious next time.  When my Husband got off the train, I went out to meet him (I was about 5 metres away from this girl and her now 2 friends) and I said to him 'if we stand here for long enough we might both get picked on'.  I really hoped that she heard me.  I don't think she did.  I still don't get it.  She was no where near perfect.  By the time I got into the car I had tears rolling down my cheeks.  I'm SO over it.  I shouldn't have to put up with it.  I'm getting sick of it and I'm not going to tolerate it for much longer. 

Temptations resisted today - EVERYTHING anyone at work was eating for lunch!  Tuna and salad pita breads, toasted sandwiches, butter chicken, chicken casserole - so much stuff!  Tonight everyone is having Spaghetti which smells SO good.  They're having a roast Chicken roll thing from Leonards tomorrow night which is going to be a challenge.  I do have a confession to make though - I did eat 1 big Strawberry tonight because they looked SO good.  It shouldn't really go in my resisted category though should it?

I hope everyone has a wonderful week xoxo


  1. such a wonderful achievement and i was so happy when i found out this morn <3

    if these ppl ever say stuff when im with u they wont know what hit em gorgeous girl <3

  2. Steph well done on the loss, and taking the plunge to join the gym. I am just at this stage buying swim passes at the local aquatic centre to just do some laps, low impact but still a cardio workout, a gym membership will follow as the weight comes down.
    I just can't believe the constant taunts you have to endure every day I don't know how you don't rip off heads. Pretty soon girl you will be invisible and maybe you can be the one sticking up for the poor fat person that next falls victim to their taunts.

  3. They were probs dropped on their heads as babies, poor them! <3 Steph I hope you have a good week, what is it they say? Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels? I think that would be nice but I forget what skinny feels like!

  4. Hey Steph, it's not about the skinny it's about the healthy, that is you aim. Morons should not be on your radar, but when you feel you can, face off with them if safe to do so, and ask them why they feel the need to comment. I bet they won't have a decent answer for you, and remember you are losing weight, they will still be morons!!!

  5. Thank you girls :)

    I actually had the solution yesterday which was to listen to my MP3 player the whole way to work and the whole way home - I just happened to take my ear phones out when I got to Melton.

    I don't get some people... BUT it's not about them, it's about me getting healthy and getting to where I want to be.

    As my Mum would say, some village is being deprived of their idiot...

  6. Hey Steph, amazing job...your results put a huge smile on my face yesterday, I'm sorry it's taken till today to comment properly though. I think you should add the strawberries as a temptation resisted too as you only had 1 and I'm presuming there were others that you resisted which is quite an achievement as often once you've given in the first time it's hard to stop so Congrats on your self control and keep up the good work. Oh and don't forget to keep your MP3 player in...much better than listening to juveniles that were never taught manners...should feel sorry for them that they don't have parents that care about them as much as we do!!:)

  7. Oh Jacqui, the strwaberries were SO yummy! They were the BIG red ones that are sweet with bitter bits through them.

    I shall keep my head phones in until I come up with some better come backs! We are quite lucky with our choice of parents, hey! I think we did quite well xo