Monday, October 4, 2010

WEEK 7 - day 57

I weighed myself for the first time in a while today. 215.5kg.  I've put on 4.3kg in the few weeks of 'hell' as I refer to it as.  It could have been worse but I'm happy that it wasn't. 

I've still lost 7.5kg so, I need to look on the bright side.

I took the day off work today.  I was up all night vomitting because I am coughing so hard.  I have been using Ventolin over the past few days because I havern't been able to breathe.  It's been awful.  I am so achy from the amount that I've coughed.  I did have a Doctors appointment at 3 this afternoon but I slept through it.  I have rescheduled for 12.30pm tomorrow.

I also couldn't attend my CPAP fitting.  With a tempreture of 39.4 (even after shower and Panadol), I'm not going anywhere other than streight to bed.  I'll have to reschdule it.

Today I've done weill with my shakes.  I had one when I got up for lunch (that was about 12.30).  I went back to bed and I had a Strawberry one for dinner along with a nice salad.  I have drunk heaps of diet cordials today as well as lots of diet Lemonade.

I think I've found my motivation again.  I want this so bad and you don't get things that you want without first working hard for it. 

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