Monday, October 25, 2010

WEEK 10 - day 78

I am SO proud of myself.  Today I have weighed in at 205.3kg.  This means that I have lost 5.0kg so far which means that I've lost 18.9kg so far.  I have done SO well and I have worked SO hard to get these results it's great to see them come out on the scales.  It has made it all worthwhile.

Today has been a bit of a challenge.  The morning and afternoon was fine.  It was the end of the day that I found hard to do.  I worked back late this afternoon and ended up missing my normal 'I've worked late train' so I had to wait for the one that didn't leave until around about 7.20 so I had a fair bit of time to kill from when I left work at around about 6.20.  I was SOOOOOO hungry.  OMG!  I only had a bar today but I did have a lot to drink.  

I went to Coles at Melbourne Central and bought a bag of Coleslaw and bought a bottle of fat free dressing and I had alf the bag on the train.  I was so pleased as I managed to pass the Sushi in Coles, the watermelon, the onion and cheese crisps, the Big M - things that I haven't craved in ages all just seemed to jump out at me.  

The only thing I did get that I perhaps shouldn't have was a tub of light cream cheese - I only had a few teaspoons.  

When I got home, I could smell the cheese toasties.  Yum.  I am not hungry (which is good) but, I SO want to have one but am not going to.  

I hate resisting the temptation but the feeling is so good when I do.  

I also contacted Dr Winnett's rooms today to speak to them about the fact that I have been vomiting and am finding it hard to keep stuff down.  I was worried that if I keep being sick, I'll get into the habit of doing so and i won't be able to stop being sick, even after the band is in.  Dr Winnett is sure that I won't have the problem after the band has been placed.  He i quite impressed with my weight loss to date.  

On another good note - I seemed to be able to keep the CPAP mask on last night.  I woke up at 5.15am to the alarm.  My nostrils are really sore so I'm using the nasal oil stuff they gave me (odorless sesame oil).  I'll see how I go on the mask tonight - hope I can keep it on again.

I don't know where the 18.9kgs have gone.  I don't care so long as they've gone!  I was a bit cross this morning when I added my weight to my weight and measurements page to see that I have actually lost the weight that I put on during weeks 5 - 7.  If I had not have put that weight on, I would be just under goal.  I am not dwelling on it.  It's just made me think and realise what things could have been.  I'm really excited about next Monday.  I'm not going to get my hopes up about being under 200kg although I am going to work hard to get there.  My scales actually read my weight out loud and to hear them say 'one hundred and ninety nine point nine kilograms' would be amazing.  I'll film it I think and put it up - it's a milestone.

Bring on the week :)

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  1. You can do it babe, you know you can. So proud xxxx