Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 56 - 25 days to go :)

Only 25 days left!  I can't believe how quick it's come up.

I am feeling quite nervous.  It's almost like it's not going to happen as it's something that I've been waiting so long for.  Postponing the date didn't help that at all so, it's been nearly 3 months of preparation.  It's a bit frustrating!

Today we went to pick up Lachie from Mum and Dad's.  It is an hour and a half drive so, it's quite a journey.  The babies started to get frustrated half way there but, we managed to pull through until we got to Mum and Dad's.

Mum had mad some afternoon tea - gorgeous little Sandwiches (I could have devoured all of them), fairy bread and Lachie had made some cup cakes.  I bought my Optislim Tomato Soup and tried to make it with no success.  I can't mix it and it turns out gluggy and inedible.  I had 3 little Sandwiches and took that as being my Tomato Soup.  It filled me up.  I didn't have any of the other things so I did well.

We were supposed to go to Judy's (my Mother in Law's) for tea but I'm still not well.  I have such a bad cough and am wheezing constantly.  My joints are aching because of how much coughing I've been doing.  I have such a headache because of it as well.  I just want to feel better!  I'll make a Doctors appointment for tomorrow after work.

Next week is a new week - I'm looking forward to it.  Another week, more challenges :)

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