Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 58 - new surgery date

Uurrgghh, I feel so blah.

I HATE coughing the amount that I do.  I just got back from the Doctors and I have a chest and an ear infection.  He's put me on some antibiotics and I need to use Ventolin when I get wheezy which is more often than I'd like.

I stuck to my Optifasts today and I am pleased.  I bought a pack of the berry crunch bars and they were so nice.  I'll stick with them I think until my infection has gone.  I am finding it's best to drink water rather than anything at the moment.

I didn't have anything to eat for dinner.  I had 1 chocolate Optifast this morning and the 1 berry crunch bar this afternoon.  I wasn't hungry at dinner time so I'm going to bed in a minute - if I am going to make it to work tomorrow, I have to have an early one tonight!

I'm already looking forward to weigh day.  It's going to be a good one this week :)

New surgery date is the 17th of November.  THE OFFICIAL COUNTDOWN IS NOW ON.

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