Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 63 - just over a month to go...

I've had a wonderful weekend :)

Cath's housewarming was fantastic :) she had a wonderful time.  It was great to finally meet her Mum and Cat.  She made some really nice risotto ball things (can't remember the name of them).  They were accompanied with some mango chutney.  I had 2 along with a beer - I think that equals to the same KJ content as a shake.  May not have been as nutritious but it was certainly nice :)

I've had such a great day today.

I spent the first part sleeping, the middle part cleaning and the afternoon at the Beach with my family.

It was such a beautiful day today - especially at the beach. Not too hot or cold.  Hardly any wind.  The kids had a ball running around on the sand.

I DID intend on digging a huge hole in the sand which is something I haven't done for years.  I used to sit on the ground and dig between my knees but, I couldn't do it today.  I would probably normally feel sad and annoyed about this but I know that in a year or so, I'll be able to dig the hole :) I'll even be able to kneel on the sand if I choose to as well.  Something that I can't do at the moment.

I haven't felt like my shakes today as I am still coughing.  I had a bar this morning when I got up and a salad from Maccers for tea.  At Maccers at the moment, you get a voucher for a free Big Mac or Quarter Pounder if they take longer than making your order.  Every time I get one of their $1.95 salads, they take more than 3 minutes so I end up with one of these vouchers.  I have 7 vouchers but can't have the free burgers!  Grrr.

My cough has settled a bit.  It's still quite bad.  The sea breeze did some good today but I can't stop coughing.  It's horrible.  I hope that I'm not too bad at work tomorrow.  It's not fun!

Weigh day is tomorrow... I'm not really that nervous as I have been doing quite well this week and have been weighing myself almost every second day.  I am looking forward to next weeks weigh in as I intend on going back to the gym tomorrow.  This is when the fun begins.  I WILL reach my goal of being under 200kg before Surgery - I wonder if I can get to 190kg as well :)

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