Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 59 - how did I get through today?

Short blog - I am SO tired!

I went to work today and I'm not sure how I made it through!  I felt awful and still do.

I was coughing so much.  Rather than putting one of my Clients on hold, I just moved the head set mic away from my mouth (after I'd explained what I was doing) and she was great - she understood that it just wouldn't stop!

I work in a call centre environment (although it's not really that) and I have a phone shift on most days - sometimes I'm on the phones for 4 and a half hours!  I got taken off my shift due to my coughing which was a relief :) anyone at my work would have to agree that not having to be on a phone shift is lovely no matter what the reason :)

I had 1 shake this morning - that was for breakfast.  I didn't have lunch - I just had lots of water (mainly soda).  I had lots of sugar free lollies to try and stop my coughing.  I didn't have anything for dinner either.  Just feeling really yuck :(

42 days to go :)

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