Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aaaahhh, the weekend :)

I hope everyone is having a great weekend so far :)

I shouldn’t blog in the middle of the day like I did last Thursday – I forget to add the bits about my PT session and other things that I have done.

My PT session on Thursday was fantastic. I worked REALLY hard. I took it easy because of the day before when I had my Asthma Attack but, I was pacing really well. Michael got me to do some stairs. He also got me to do some boxing and getting me to push him along the ground against one of those body pad things. It is hard to do!

He told me that if he gets the chance to do the stair climb with me, he is going to wear a back pack filled with some weight so that it is a challenge for him. I am tempted to push the stair climb back another month or so to give me a bit more time to train and so that I can give him an exact date and time of when we are gong to do it. At this stage, it’s on the 3rd of June 2011. I have a lot of work to do. Michael showed me how to use the stair machine at the gym. It is a bit hard to do but, I shall give it a go next time I am in there. I am very excited! I want to succeed at this stair climb. I don’t just want to walk half way up and say ‘I’m done’. I want to get up the whole thing.

I went to see Katy Perry last night. I was a bit worried about where we would be seated and I was going to do a blog on it however, I am happy that I didn’t because we were right on the edge! I did break the seat though. It made a huge crack noise when I sat on it. I wasn’t as gentle as I may have been though as I did have a few drinks prior to entering the auditorium. I got the tickets as a present for Cath’s birthday and we had a ball. We were quite old compared to the rest of the audience! There was a girl sitting next to Cath who kept screaming and ‘wooing’ at well, nothing. Even when it was totally dark and nothing was about to happen, she would ‘woo’. I thought it was Cath to begin with but no, it was her. We were ‘wooing’ for the rest of the night. Working on different sounding ‘woos’ and we ‘wooed’ the whole way to the Car. It was lots of fun :) I bought a T Shirt that actually fits me. I was a bit tipsy in the pic but, I was so shocked that it went over my head – this would not have been the case 8 months ago!  It's still very tight and probably not something that I will wear outside the house just yet but, IT GOES ON!  WOOO!

I went to the Gym tonight and did some swimming. An hour in the pool. I am SO TIRED! I did 22 laps of swimming and 4 laps of running. 28 laps in all = 700 meters. I think I am tired due to the fact that I didn’t go to bed until 2am this morning!

I am really enjoying the feeling that I have after I have exercised. Although sometimes I am exhausted and hot and sweaty, I feel fantastic. I am going to go for a walk tomorrow. I shall put the babies in the pram and the boys can ride their bikes. I hope it’s a nice day.

I am finding it hard to get food down since my fill. I am able to drink fluids (and shakes) but, some of the harder things aren’t going down at all. I don’t mind if I end up having to drink shakes for the next few weeks which is what has been suggested to me that I do. I shall try some dinner tonight and see how it goes. It is frustrating only being able to eat a tablespoon of food. I think for the sake of getting all of the things that I need in the way of nutrition, I am best to stick to the shakes anyway.

I have next week off (I think I have mentioned that) and I am really looking forward to being at the gym for at least an hour a day. I still haven’t done any classes. Might have to give one a go… still need to muster up the courage to do so!


  1. Good that your top fits. Well done.

  2. You look so slim in this photo

  3. wow you continually amaze and inspire me ... well done :)