Sunday, April 3, 2011

Relay for life 2011

 I sit here typing my blog with a sense of pride and achievement – I conquered Relay for Life 2011.

Yesterday morning, I woke up hoping that my ankle wasn’t sore – something worked as it didn’t hurt at all. I had spent a lot of time the night before rubbing it and rubbing Voltaran into it.

I went down to the Supermarket and bought heaps of stuff in preparation for the relay. Drinks, dips, chips, fruit – a whole array of foods for everyone to eat.

Brad went down to the track to help Michelle set up our Tent whist I got the rest of the stuff ready. When we got down there, we registered and then set up camp. The opening ceremony began with the Survivors and Carers walking. And then the relay began! We did the first lap as a team and the Callum started the team off. He walked half way around the track (it was a total of 1.04km around it) and then ran through the middle as he’d had enough. From memory, Da was next (my Sister – real name Sarah!) went around and did 3 laps. We had decided that we’d walk for an hour each but we ended up deciding that we’d do 3 laps each or whatever we could manage. After Da, I went out. I took Charlotte with me in the pram. It was good to have her there to talk to as I walked around. It wasn’t too hot or too cold. There was a breeze and it was sunny. It was quite pleasant.

The next lap, I took David in the pram. The only way I could get David interested in walking around with me was to tell him that there was Horse poo on the track! Every few meters, he’d point out the poo! I put the babies in a relay for life top given the fact that it didn’t fit me (this will change next year!). On my last lap, Michelle came with me. It was good to have someone else to walk with as well. Michelle bought her gorgeous daughter, Marley along. She is 4 and adorable! She had so much energy! It was great to finally meet them both.

And that’s how the rest of the night went. The Candlelight ceremony was at 8.30. People had the chance to buy a bag and write a message on it for their loved ones. I bought one for my Nanna, one for Brad’s Dad, one for my Aunty Nan and one that I didn’t write any names on. It was to represent the other members of my family who have lost their lives to cancer or are continuing to fight it. I didn’t realise how many there were until I spoke to my Mum earlier on today.

Everyone other than Lachie and I managed to get a few minutes of shut eye. I did try and have a lay down but couldn’t get comfortable. I ended up coming home at about 1.30am to have a shower and get some warmer clothes.

I managed to do 12 laps which is 12 kilometres. I couldn’t do anymore – not because of my weight, my ankles, my lack of desire or anything like that – it ended up because I suffered from really bad chafing. Something I haven’t had in years and years. I did put cream on and managed to get 2 laps out and that was it. Those 2 laps were the hardest laps of the night. I was SO sore. I actually ended up bleeding because of what I had done. It HURT. I am proud that I managed to get through the 2 laps that I did. I thought of Nanna as I did it and that’s what kept me going but, it was a long walk.

I ended up doing a run to Maccers to get real Coffee and hot chocolates. I couldn’t do a lot more. Callum had a sleep in the car after we went to Maccers. Lachie stayed up with his Mum like a trooper :)

In the morning, everyone went off to have their breakfast (I had half a shake). I went to get Brad and the babies so that Brad could help take the tent down but that was already done by the time we got there.

Callum did a lap with Charlotte in the pram and then they had the closing ceremony. We ended up raising $1,923.95 as a team and I was so proud of everyone. Thank you to Da, Michelle, Cheryl, Cassie, Caitie, Lachie, Callum and Marlie.

I will definatly do the relay again next year. There will be a few differences next year – I’ll fit into the relay for life top, I’ll be able to do a lot more laps than what I did this year and I’ll be able to find pair of bike pants that fit to put under my pants to walk in. Oh, and I’ll fit into so I can keep warmer!

I am proud of what I achieved. I did the unthinkable. And I continue to amaze myself in the things that I am able to do that I never thought I would.


  1. Amazing!

    I have just found your blog and you are such an inspiration. I have lots of friends who have had lap band surgery but none of them have the commitment you have and this will show in your weekly results. You are an inspiration. I can't wait to read more :)

  2. did you need to get the ok from a dr to do the race?

  3. Thank you, Bella. I am happy you're enjoying it.

    Anon - I didn't go to the Doctor to get approval before participating in the relay athough if you're ever in doubt, it's best to ask.

    I didn't ask for approval as I knew I was fine to do it. I know my limits and I had also been training leading up to the event.