Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter :) I hope everyone had a fantastic day.

Although I didn’t eat much in the way of Chocolate (a few went down here and there), I’ve had a LOT of food over the last 24 hours!

It was Cath’s 30th last night and she is such a good cook. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CATH! She’d made these spinach muffins, chicken with blue cheese dipping sauce, cucumber sandwiches, little tomato pastry things, little custard filled pastries, dips with julienned veggies, arancini balls and cupcakes :) I had a cupcake, about 6 little cucumber sandwiches (dipped in the dipping sauce), a glass of wine, half a stubby, lots of water and a few vodka and jelly shots. I haven’t eaten that much in months! Although it doesn’t sound like a lot, for me, it was. And even though I was full at the end of each ‘nibble’, I waited until I felt as though I could eat some more before I did. It’s the first time in ages that I have just grazed. I did not really behave as best as I could.

Today, I only had a few eggs. I am sure that I may have a few more but not many. We went out for dinner with Judy and Glenn (Brad’s Mum and step Dad). I had a seniors fish and chips – I managed to eat the fish and the leafy bits of broccoli along with a tablespoon of mashed potato. Oh, and a piece of garlic bread (not a big one at all). I have added a picture of my meal as I know a lot of people are interested to see how much I can eat…



We went and picked strawberries and apples at a local farm today. It was nice to take the kids out in the fresh air. Only a few of the strawberries were even worth picking although Charlotte felt that anything with the slightest pink tinge on it should be picked. I’m going to make Apple Pie with them tomorrow. Brad took a photo of me holding hands with Charlotte today and when I look at the photo, I get quite annoyed. I don’t feel like I look like that from behind. But, obviously I do. I must drag out the photo that I took from behind the day before surgery and compare it. I am sure there would be a huge difference.

I love my Daughter xo

Tonight for dinner, I had a salmon salad with a few cut up pieces of bocchini cheese. I can’t believe the amount that I have eaten. I am going to have a few glasses of wine tonight. Back to normal tomorrow! Although I haven’t eaten a lot of bad stuff, I have eaten a fair bit of food. More than what I normally do.

I put some of it down to emotional eating. I am currently nibbling on bits of tortellini. I need to get into the habit of learning how to get my emotions out in a different way. I touched on this a week or so ago. It’s a really scary thing to not know how to deal with things when you can’t turn to what you know best. As I said, emotional eating is not the only reason why I am the size that I am. It is defiantly a contributing factor. Something I plan on tackling head on.

I have registered to do another relay for life. This one is going to be held in October or November – they haven’t settled on the date yet. I am really looking forward to it. I am still participating in the Melton one next year. Not sure what month that will be in either.

I really need to get my butt into gear for training for this stair climb! I shall bring my runners to work on Wednesday and have a little practice. I have my PT session on Thursday which I am looking forward to. Work of some of this food!

I am sure that some of you have seen a link to one of my friend’s blogs titled ‘Tracey’s last chance’. 31.9kg she has lost since she had her surgery. I am SO proud of her. She had gastric sleeve a week before I had my lap banding. We have never met although we have known each other for almost 6 years. She is an amazing lady. She has entered herself into a local radio station who are holding a competition titled ‘B105 Yummy Mummy’. She is an inspiration. If you get the chance, if you could vote for her, that would be great -

she is looking AMAZING. You can vote for her up to 5 times a day. She is entrant number 57.  She has photos on her blog. Go and have a look at how much she’s changed – it’s unbelievable. The link for her blog is

I am also proud of a number of my other friends over the past few weeks. Cath looked wonderful at her birthday last night – it was nice to see that she didn’t untag herself in as many photos on Facebook as what she did a few months ago at her house warming! Her Mother, Linda is looking fantastic! Trish is doing so well – very dedicated with her lack of easter egg consumption and her commitment to the gym. Carly has done wonderfully well minimising her Coke consumption.

My friend Bec in Sydney is doing well. She has a young Baby and is working and still finds the time to dedicate to working out and eating right. I am SO PROUD of her – another one of my friends who I am yet to meet! We’re coming up to almost 6 years as well!

I have another few friends that I want to mention but I’ll get their permission before using their names first! I got an Email from one of them the other day (a girl who I used to go to School with) and she has done SO WELL. She should be proud of herself. I got it on Facebook and as I haven’t been on Facebook much in the past week, I haven’t had the chance to reply to it as yet but I shall do so tonight.

Keep it up, guys. You are all amazing xo

I have a few topics to address in my blogs this week – I am going to my first concert in over 15 years on Friday night! It’s KATY PERRY! I am a bit nervous but shall touch on that later. I have my weigh in and possible fill on Thursday and I am going to get Brad to film a close up of my fill to go with my other video because some people couldn’t really see what was going on – I will have to get Dr Winnett’s okay first but I am sure that will be okay. It’s going to be a good week :)

RIP George xo

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  1. Happy easter :) happy you had a good day.