Monday, May 2, 2011

A few 'woohoo' moments today :)

“I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down”.

These were the lyrics that were blaring through the headphones of my iPod as I was walking 5.3km per hour. Tonight I BLITZED my workout. I was so proud.  I ignored the whisky drink and vodka drink parts - I SO could have done with one of them at that point in time!

I’ve had a lot of ‘woohoo’ victories over the past few months. I had a few of them today. A few of them that actually make me feel like crying.

I have a pair of black pants that I live in. For those of you who know me, you’d know the pants that I am talking about. Rest assured that I wash them every night however, I have worn the same pair of pants for over a year now. When I first got them, they were quite tight and uncomfortable. They are a slinky sort of shiny fabric. They are a generous size 36 – 38. They are so stretchy. When I first got them, they sat around my belly button area. As I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I now have to pull them up just under my bra.

I couldn’t find these pants today (I have no idea where I put them) so, I had to wear some others. I knew where some were but, I wasn’t sure if they would fit me as a year and a half ago, I couldn’t even get them over my hips. Because I’d spent $80 on them, I sent them to someone else who said they thought might fit them however, they sent them back to me saying that they were way too big so they’ve sit in the bottom drawer ever since. I retrieved them from the drawer and much to my disbelief, the fit. They are a crepe material and there is no stretch in them at all. They are a size 30/32. I was nearly in tears. This got me interested in finding out what else fit. I finally decided to clean out my Wardrobe (I had mentioned I was going to do this several weeks ago). I took all of the items out (there were around about 50 in total) and I have about 10 that I have kept (this isn’t including the things in the pile of washing that I am tackling during my week off!). I have a garbage bag stuffed full of clothes that I have decided I am never going to wear again. Sure, most of them all still fit or they are things that I am going to fit into however, they are things that I have had to buy because I didn’t have a choice. I’d buy the uglyish hoddie so that I had a hoodie, not because I had a choice between hoodies. I will make do with the clothes that I have decided to keep until I have to buy new ones to accommodate my shrinkage :)

We had to take our Cats to the Vet today as they needed to be neutered. It’s one of the few times that Brad has actually said how he can notice my weight loss. He said that my stomach is a lot flatter. I do have one set of boobs now :) (I would refer to my bulging stomach as my 2nd set of boobs). It feels good to get compliments from those who see me all the time. They are obviously the ones that don’t notice the changes as much as they always see me.

When I got ready to go to the gym tonight, I tried another pair of pants on that hasn’t fit me. They are a cotton fabric. They are stretchy but would not be flattering if they had to stretch. I put them on and they fit me :) I actually wore them to the gym and felt good in them. A lot better than what I do in my normal pants as they don’t feel like they’re going to fall down and I don’t have to roll them up when I am on the bike. They also make me look slimmer as they aren’t as ‘skirt’ like. When I put my singlet top on tonight, I actually took it off to double check the size. I didn’t realise I had a size 28 Autograph singlet top in black (you can get size 28 from Autograph but the only item that I do have from them in this size is a beige singlet top). The singlet top is a size 26. And it’s starting to become loose. And it’s not riding up my stomach anymore. And I don’t have to constantly pull it down in fear of it showing my stomach.

At the gym I worked SO hard. I did 2.33km in 31.08 minutes on the treadmill. I do a program on the treadmill which includes inclines so, I do increase the speed and decrease it. I have noticed that my comfortable speed is around 4.6kph or 4.7kph. When I first started, it was 3.8kph or 4.1kph. I did 2 minutes on the cross trainer (still hurts my knees a bit – I’ll increase it by a minute each time I go) and I did 10 minutes on the bike and rode 5km. I was SO sweaty when I walked out of there. Sweaty and proud :)

These moments make me feel like crying.  It's such an emotional journey.  I didn't realise I'd feel like this so many times along the way...

I have had 1 Coffee today and am drinking my 2nd Tony Ferguson for the day. I am still trying to steer away from food as it seems to be coming up since the fill. Even the juice that I had a sip of this morning almost came up. I am watching myself.  I am also really looking forward to watching that 'big - extreme make over' show that starts on Wednesday night at 8.30pm on Channel 9.  There is a guy on there who weighs 247kg.  I can't believe I was no too far off it.  I hope that the show is inspiring.  I am looking forward to watching it.

I am SO PROUD of Trish this week. She has a really sore knee but she keeps on going (gently!) despite her injury. I am trying to persuade her to write a blog! She is an inspiration to me. She is doing so well. One of my friends is having her gastric sleeve procedure done on Wednesday. I am SO EXCITED for her! I am going to go and visit her in Hospital (if she’s up to it). I can’t wait for her life to begin. I am also proud of Cath this week for getting back on the band wagon. She hasn’t been feeling the best and it’s hard to eat properly when you’re not feeling great. Well done, honey.

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Eli Jacob who was born today :) I am looking forward to seeing Amelia and him tomorrow :) he is a GORGEOUS boy and Amelia is a bit of a Supermum. Eli is her 6th Child. Congratulations, Amelia and Damien xo


  1. You are such an inspiring person. You are doing so well. I love reading you story. It's amazing.

  2. This little black duck will NOT be writing a blog - I leave it all up to you to inspire Ms Steph :) I did treadmill and eliptical trainer before work today - so pumped when I can exercise in the morning. My knee is still sore but I am not pushing myself too hard or doing stuff that will make it worse - I hope!
    xx Trish xx