Thursday, April 28, 2011

My first Asthma attack (not fun) and another 4kg gone :)

I went to the Gym last night for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I was SO proud of myself as I was walking at 5.2km per hour and I have never done that before. I managed to keep it up for 10 minutes. I had timed my workout on the treadmill to last for 30 minutes but by the time I got to 20 minutes, I was SO puffed. I could hardly breathe.

I decided to stop and have a go on the bike. I haven’t been on an exercise bike for almost 4 years. After I eventually managed to get up on the bike, I set it to 10 minutes. I thought I’d just see how I went before doing anything too extreme. One reason I don’t like going on the bike is because my stomach rests on the tops of my legs and it makes me really uncomfortable. I am very conscious of it and I don’t like the feeling. This didn’t bother me so much as I was too hympotised by my reflection in the mirror. I couldn’t believe how much I jiggled! I rode almost 4.5km and by then, I had finished my work out which was good as I still couldn’t breathe properly however, it was worse this time.

I walked out to my Car to get my Asthma medication and it was empty so I phoned home and asked Brad to get Lachie to meet me out the front with the Script for the repeats. I went to the Chemist and they got the medication for me in minutes. I had my 2 puffs and it didn’t work (I am on Symbacourt). The Pharmasist said I could have 1 more so I did. I still couldn’t breathe and I sounded like an accordion. They said I should either call 000 for an Ambulance to come and pick me up or drive down the road to the Emergency section at Melton Health. So, I went down there. They saw me right away (I now see why they have a Triage system!). I was coughing and wheezing and still couldn’t breathe. I was took down into the rooms and they started off with 12 puffs of Ventolin through a spacer. They did this again 20 minutes later as I was still quite bad. After another 20 minutes, they did the same and there was a slight improvement. I was put on a Nebulizer and sat there quite un impressed! Lachie was amused as he had my iPhone the whole time and decided to take a photo of me in my moment of ‘nebulization’ (can’t even believe that’s a word!).

Not something I want to be doing again in a VERY LONG time!

After that, they kept me there for half an hour. I felt pretty good. I could breathe! It was amazing how bad I sounded compared to how good I was when I left. The Doctor prescribed me steroids for 3 days to help my lungs. It was nice to hear I have ‘exercise induced Asthma’.

I told him that I had done more that night than what I had in ages. I did also mention that during my PT sessions, I have been running out of breath. I’m back on Ventolin as because I am doing more, my Asthma is getting worse. I am off to my PT session in a moment.

I had my appointment with Dr Winnett today as well. I was 197.4 on the 17.3.2011 and today I was 193.4kg. I hoped for more of a loss but I haven’t been doing a lot of stuff over the past few weeks to make that happen. I am seeing him again in 6 weeks. I am going to give it my all in the next 6 weeks (so long as I don’t get any aches and pains like I have had in the last month or so). I am doing really well and he is very proud. I had a fill (I have 4.3ml in my band now) and I can really feel the difference. Even having my shake for lunch is taking it’s time to go down. I know that I haven’t been overfilled this time. There was such a difference between this time and last time when I did have too much.

I was proud (well, not the right word) but pleased to hear that I was his biggest Female patient :) I am not sure why that makes me pleased! Maybe it’s because I don’t come first in much or I don’t take the cake in many things other than things like this! I guess given the fact that I have made the change that I have, I can take more pride in being his biggest patient that he has treated rather than being the biggest patient didn’t make the decision to treated (if that makes sense).

I am SO pleased with my progress. I can’t believe how well things are going. I rewarded myself by buying a few new tops today. It’s nice to feel good about buying new clothes again. I am going to do my PT today and will also have a swim or something after my Doctors appointment.

Go me! :)


  1. Thank you for sharing. You're pretty damn inspiring :)

  2. Thank you, Sarah xo

    It was not fun but at least I got to wear a hot looking mask :)

  3. 4kilos may not sound like much, but you are measuring as well, did you take note of them??? Should do that with each weigh in hon, it may be that you lose cm's as opposed to kilos!! You are moving the fat and creating lean muscle so check those measurements!!! And yes, go you!!! ;-)