Friday, April 8, 2011

Going up - 46 floors to be exact :)

So, during my break today, I was sending out thank you Emails to those who donated to relay for life when I realised that I no longer have something to work toward in regard to my fitness. I think weight goals and fitness goals are 2 totally separate things. My weight is something that I am constantly thinking about. Every time I put something in my mouth (be it solids or liquid), I know how many kilojoules are in it and if I don’t, I won’t eat it until I know. Fitness is something I don’t think about as often. I think about it at the strangest of times – when I walk the 10 meters to the printer or go the long way to the girl’s toilets, I wonder how many muscles I am using or how many kilojoules I burnt. I have been thinking about ways that I can incorporate as much physical activity into my day as possible. This is when I started thinking about stairs.

I hate stairs. I hate how they go up. I hate how they take longer than the lift. I hate getting puffed. I hate the fact that it takes so long to get anywhere. And I hate how big my butt feel when I am walking up them. So, when I announced rather loudly that I would climb the stairs in my building as my next challenge, I wondered where the thought came from – it certainly wasn’t from a sane part of my brain, that’s for sure.

I did my research – I asked the management of my building if you’re allowed to walk up the stairs. The Man said that there are people who walk the stairs all the time. As our building is a secure building, I asked which door I’d be able to get out of when I got to the top. I asked if I needed to give notice of my intention to climb. He said no. So, I have set a date – 3.6.2011 is when I will walk up 46 floors. Fark. I am looking forward to it and have already had a few people say that they want to do it with me. We’ll see… :)

I went to the Gym straight after work tonight. I did a 35 minute walk. Managed to squeeze in 2.5km before the Gym closed. I pushed myself to do the last 10 minutes. It hurt. My legs and arms are still sore from yesterday so walking tonight was a real challenge. The ‘foo fighters’ actually got me through tonight. I was listening to their song ‘all my life’ right at the start where it says ‘I've been searching for somethin' , somethin' never comes, never leads to nuthin' , nothin' satisfies, but I'm gettin' close, closer to the prize at the end of the rope’. It made me think that I have been searching for something and every time the something never comes as it always leads to nothing. But not this time. The something will come (and is coming) as I put the work in. It’s hard. And it needs to be if I am going to get anywhere.

On the train this morning, I had to stand up and every time the train moved, I had felt twinges in my limbs and muscle. Muscular aches. But I still walked up the Escalators at Melbourne Central as fast as I could when I got there. My calves were burning at the end of it! I sent Michael (my personal trainer) an SMS to thank him for pushing me yesterday.

Tomorrow, I am going to do some swimming and will probably do that every 2nd day to ease my muscles.

My water intake has been great over the past few days as well. I am so proud of how I am going. And if I am going to make it up those stairs – I’ll have to keep it up!

My building :)