Monday, April 4, 2011

Just keep swimming

I am very proud of myself tonight.

I have been a bit sore today because of the relay on the weekend. I have been using Vaseline all day to put on my inner thighs and although it’s a bit sore, it seems to have gotten a lot better. I REALLY wanted to go to the Gym to do some walking as I was full of energy. Considering I had a sleep today and slept all day yesterday, you’d imagine that I would be.

I picked Brad up from work and came home and as we drove past the Gym I thought bugger it – I’m going. Instead of walking on the treadmill I thought I’d go swimming.

The last time I went swimming (like proper swimming) was when I was a Teenager. I swam at Croydon Pools for a few weeks in their squad. I was very slow but, swimming is something that I have always enjoyed doing. The last time I tried to swim at a pool was a few years ago when I took the boys away to Ballarat for the weekend. I did breaststroke and after a lap of it, my middle back was SO sore because the weight was making my spine curve. It was not a good ache at all.

I remember when I signed up at the Gym, I was looking forward to using the pool. The only thing stopping me going in it was the fact that I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get out of the pool because of the ladder. When I enquired about this, I was told that I could use the little platform that the kids use to get in and out. Although it looked quite flimsy, this may have been my only lifeline to get out of the water!

When I got there tonight, I pulled into the car park and my swimming hopes faded a little bit as you can see right through to the pool from the car park and there were 2 young guys in there. I have nothing against young guys but seriously – I didn’t like the thought of stripping down in front of the to go into the water. I was wearing Brad’s boxer shorts and a long T Shirt.

I went to Reception and signed in. They had ran out of goggles to sell so, I thought instead of swimming, I shall just walk.

I walked into the pool area and the guys were still in there :/ I went up to the deeper end of the pool and took my pants off and got into the water. It was cold! Without further ado, I started to walk! In all, I did 64 laps. The pool is 25 meters long so all in all I did 1.6km. I had the intention of soothing my sore muscles after the walking on the weekend but it did the exact opposite – it has made them hurt a bit more but this hurt was a good one.  It was horrible feeling my jiggly fat in the water.  It wobbled everywhere!  It was nice to feel so light though.

I met a guy named Jason in the water who I walked with for about 15 minutes until Michael came in to tell us it was time to get out. I told Michael about how I completed the relay on the weekend and how I was still feeling some of the things that we did during Thursday’s session. He was really pleased to see me in the water. He asked me If I’d be okay getting out of the water. Hmmm. Now or never. I grabbed onto the handles to lift myself up. I put one foot on the bottom of the ladder and then the 2nd. At this point, I felt my weight again. I put my foot on the 3rd and then realised that yes, I can get out of the pool. I was so proud of myself! Michael gave me a high 5. As I pointed out to him, a pool water high 5 is much better than the usual sweaty one! He told me that he’s going to get a program together for me for Thursday. That made me worry!

After I had finished talking to Michael, Jason got out of the water and I asked him if there was a good technique when walking in water. He walks backwards every 2nd lap as it’s a lot easier. In that case, I need to continue to walk forward!

I admire my friend Trish for all the walking in the water that she has done over the past few weeks. It is hard work! I didn’t realise it was as tough as what it was. I had a go at running in there as well. That felt really good. I can’t remember the last time I ran.

I am going to have a go of water aerobics this Thursday night – I shall add that to my list :) I intend on doing a few classes in the coming weeks.

I am so proud of my determination and effort. I am doing really well. I have decided that I am going to be less than 185kg when I go and see Dr Winnett in a few weeks. There’s nothing stopping me if I want it to happen. It’s up to me :)

I also went to get my kidney Ultrasound today. I need to have CT scan as they couldn’t see any big stones so they said that there may be some small stones that can’t be picked up but the ultrasound. I went and had my blood test done as well. I’ll make a Doctors appointment for Thursday to get all of the results. I’ve had the pain a few times – the worst instance was at work on Friday last week It HURT. I have been keeping up my fluids as apparently that helps.
I'm off to bed :)


  1. ooooh high 5 to you too... that's fantastic.. that ladder scares me too and I know I couldn't use it with these stupid legs but that's ok .. one day..

    you're doing really well hon.. very proud of you

    Anne - lose2live

  2. I am amazed at how you went even though you were so sore. You inspire me.

  3. Thank you, Anne and Anon xo

    I am really pleased with how things are progressing :)