Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If the gown fits!

I didn’t get to go swimming last night :( and for a very good reason.

Yesterday, whilst I was at work, I started to get that pain that I’ve had for a month or so but it was on both sides of my back, below my ribs. It was SO sore.

I left work and went to Epworth Private and waited in Emergency for someone to see me. I was bought through and was given some morphine prior to having X Rays and a CT scan. They took the X Ray to check the placement of the band to make sure it hadn’t slipped. The CT scan was something I had booked anyway to exclude small kidney stones.

Long 7 hour story short, they didn’t find anything. No Kidney Stones, no lesions, no damage to my spleen, no pneumonia – nothing to explain the pan that I am getting. The Doctor doesn’t think it is muscular. He has written a letter for me to give to my GP and he’ll order a Gastroscopy. I’ll go and see my Doctor on Thursday.

My band!  The white loop thing...

I experienced a few non scale victories which was great. The Hospital Gown fit me :) this was a huge thing for me. I always ask for 2 so I can wear one like a dressing gown and the other round my back. The Nurse gave me the 2 but I only needed one. I was so excited. I had tears in my eyes. Happy I had my nice stripy undies on :) the other thing was that because everyone knew I had lap band, NO ONE mentioned anything about how I am overweight. It was the first time that I have experienced this and it was really nice. I told anyone who would listen about the amount of weight that I have lost and how well I am doing. No one said ‘you have to stop eating sweets’ or ‘you are very overweight’. Obviously I still have 100 kilos (or there abouts) however, because I had told everyone that I am losing weight, no one said I had to. I think the last thing that made me smile was when they gave me something to eat (the first thing I’d had all day), I could only eat 1 of the 4 points of the sandwich before I was full.

I am seeing Doctor Winnett on Thursday next week. I have a few more days left to make each minute count! I am determined to get under the 185kg. I HOPE I do. If I don’t, I won’t be too disappointed. Whatever I have lost, I have worked my butt off to do so therefore, I’ll be happy with the result.

Watch this space :)


  1. Hope you are feeling better now

  2. You have come so far and you're doing great.. what a nsv that was for the hospital gown... I still don't wear them, when I'm in hospital I just wear my singlet top and very baggy long pants...

    Anne :)