Friday, April 22, 2011

Eggs, Buns and broken beds at RCH!

Easter is dawning upon us! I can’t believe that it’s here again already!

I went to the shops last night to do my Easter Egg shopping. I don’t get a lot for the kids (am trying to promote good health) but I got them a few. I resisted getting the Crunchie one that was looking at me! I remember a few years ago, they used to have a Kit Kat one. I bought maybe 6 or 7 and ate them all within a few days. They were about the height of a desert spoon. I can’t remember how many grams they were but it’s amazing how things have changed this year. I am pleased with my changes. I will allow myself to have a few if I want but, not too many.

I am going to make hot cross buns with the kids today. Another thing I am going to resist! I wish I could have one but I think that it would get stuck in my band as they’re very doughy. I shall not even risk it.

I had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon with one of my friends who I’ve known online for about at least 4 years. Until yesterday, we had never met. She is having gastric sleeve in a few weeks. I am so pleased for her. She has got a fantastic attitude toward the whole thing. I can’t wait to see her results. She’s doing it for all the right reasons and I know she’s going to do well. It will be amazing to see her shrink :) we spoke a lot about food and portion sizes. She’s doing Optifast at the moment and she is going SO well. She is so dedicated. I got Trace to add her on FB so that they can talk all things sleeve as I have no idea about some of the things like what you can have and what you can’t have or even things like what you need to take to Hospital with you. There is a really good sleeve forum – if you’re interested in reading a bit more about sleeves and speaking to those who know, go to

It’s good Friday today – it means a lot of things to a lot of people including the Children at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. I made a donation to them today. David went in there a year and a half ago (or thereabouts) as he was very dehydrated as he had not been well. We had to stay the night. They looked after him SO well. Poor little Monkey. I ended up sleeping on one of their beds next to his Cot (ended up having to bring him to the bed with me) but, when I got up to put him back in his Cot, I broke the bed! Even though we have Private Health Insurance and I signed the form to say that I give permission for my fund to pay for our visit as a Private Patient, I still feel bad about breaking their couch so I have donated each year since! It was a weight thing – not a couch thing (although the lovely Nurse tried to convince me otherwise). If you want to make a donation, go to

I’ve had a few ‘interesting’ comments on my blog over the past few days. I haven’t deleted them as I don’t feel as though they were rude as such however, they aren’t productive as such. I’ve had some really good feedback about the video of my first fill. I love how I am in a position to help others out and take away some of the fear and apprehension that they may have about the routines of being a bandit.

I didn’t have my PT session yesterday. I am still quite sore on my back so, I was actually in bed sleeping when I should have been at the Gym. Brad rang and cancelled for me. I am looking forward to next Thursday’s session. I might go for a walk today, depending on how I feel (and depending if the rain holds off) otherwise, I’ll be off to the Gym tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a lovely relaxing day :)


  1. Easter is hard Steph, chocolate is to damn easy to eat for us!! Thankfully large quantities still make me feel sick....

    The hot cross buns do get stuck so avoid them!!

    Have a great long weekend xx

  2. Happy they get stuck - they have the same amount of KJ as one and a bit meals!

    Same to you, Ronda xo

  3. you are such an inspiration steph. you have balls to post that video but as you know out there somewhere you are helping someone in the same/worse position as yourself.

    i have never met a woman as amazing and inspirations as you. fk the haters i say. obviously you acknowledge you are big otherwirse you wouldnt have made the decision to have lap band. but by gee girl your doing GREAT! i havent seen u in a few weeks so i bet ill notice a difference tonight!!!

    love u! xoxox

  4. Thank you honey xo love you too xo

    Great night tonight - didn't count 1 single kj. Lucky - they probably worked out to be in the 2000's (at least!).