Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fundraising results so far...

Just a quick update on fundraising for the stair climb…

Online, we have raised $2,344
In lieu of Flowers at Nanna’s Funeral, $400 was raised
At Genesis Melton in the collection tin, $185.75 was raised

I am going to be counting the money in the Cancer Council tins tomorrow with Luciana when I meet with her which is what was collected from my work.  She also has some money that was raised from where they were downstairs as I was climbing.  It will be great to see how much we end up raising for them.

The goal is $5,000 – if we haven’t reached it, I’ll keep on raising awareness for this cause so that we reach our target so you might get sick of my nagging!  Thank you so much for everyone’s support so far.

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