Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Exciting times ahead :)

It has been such a hectic day!  I am so tired but am full of energy (if that makes sense).  A big happy birthday to my Sister, Da and gorgeous Carly xo hope you both had fantastic days :) xo

I got up at 5.30 and had a quick shower before heading off to the Gym for my PT session.  It was so cold this morning but not for long.  Michael got me doing some running, some stairs and some boxing.  He’s lucky he didn’t get an accidental punch in the face as he got me to do some boxing that did require some coordination.  I ran for 2 minutes at 8.5kph (think I got that number right!).  I went home and got ready for work and headed off on the bus.

I got a phone call from Erin at MX who told me that my story wouldn’t run today as Derryn Hinch had his successful liver transplant overnight.  The story will run tomorrow however, I had my photo taken today.  The one the photographer showed me was quite nice so, here’s hoping they pick a good one and not one where I look feral!  I went to the effort of straightening my hair and everything!  She ended up taking the photo outside so my hair went everywhere!  I’ve never felt so vain in all my life worrying about pushing my hair to the side so I look good in the photo! 

So, I’ll obtain a copy of the MX tomorrow and scan whatever they publish and wait for the response (or lack of) with open arms.

Like I’ve said, I’m not encouraging being overweight, I’m just trying to make the point that people should accept those who are and be kind and respect one anothers differences.  I hope that message is conveyed in the article tomorrow.

16 days until the stair climb!  I'm so excited!  The nerves are starting to kick in a bit though.  So far $590 has been raised.  Thank you everyone who has donated :) it's fantastic to have so much support.  Here's the link if you'd like to make a donation - you'll remember it off by heart by the end of the month!
Well, here we have it – a years worth of photos (other than from the side – I started taking them in November). This is me from the front… I love looking at these.  It really shows how far I've come.

And this is me from the side…


  1. Hi!
    I just read ur article and I'd like to let you know I appluadde you. I guess I am one of those people who look down on people that are obese . But I've realized that this comes from experiences with people who whinge and complain about all the things they can't do or their weight but never really do anything about it apart from grab a bucket of ice-cream and have a cry. However I do really admire those who really try and do something .. Anything.. And your activle clearly showed that. Infact I got a little tear about how you go out of your way to make others happy . You really are an amazing young lady :)

  2. Good for you Stephanie! I just read the news article about your challenging commute to work... It's despicable that people are so cruel.

    I'd like to throw my support behind you - take it one day at time! Keep on movin'!
    -Carmen (in Finland, yes Finland! :))

  3. I also saw your article in the news. Good on you girl. You are looking fantastic! Don't let those drongos on the train get you down and keep up the great work!

  4. Right now I am exploring QLD on my old motorbike, and enjoying every crazy minute of it but tonight as I checked the news online i came across your story. Stephanie you are by far the bravest and toughest woman i have read about in recent times. I'm so sorry to hear about the horrible things you've been called and i sometimes shake my head at how cruel people are to each other. But all that aside, I'm going to follow your blog, and check the updates, and write in from time to time while filling out my own blog, and give you the encouragement and support that ALL OF US NEED from time to time. Now its time for me to fix my broken motorbike again. George (in Lucinda, yes Lucinda! :))

  5. I've just read your article on and wanted to thank you for it.

    Congratulations on your weight loss so far. It is an amazing accomplishment and you should feel extremely proud!!

    Goodluck for the future and don't let anyone bring you down. Always remember there are others in similar situations and you aren't alone.

    Best wishes xox

  6. Dear Stephanie, I read your article in the MX News on the way home from work tonight and was horrified but not surprised at the way you have been treated. People who criticise you, are a disgrace and should hang their heads in shame, but that's to easy because they have no shame.
    I applaud you for having the guts to stand up and say your piece because you sound and look like a lovely young woman who just wants to go about your business in peace.
    Anyway, I hope you continue to fight for what is right, cause I and a lot of other people are behind you!!
    Lynn (Lynn's Designer Creations)

  7. Good luck Stephanie, I was inspired to read your story in the Age online. I hope you achieve all of your goals!

  8. Whoops, meant to say the Herald Sun online :) You should try to get on the 7pm project and raise awareness of weightism!

  9. Hi Stephanie,

    I just want you to know that you have my support (at least from this side of the keyboard as I'm in Sydney). You know you're on the right path with what you're doing ! People out there will always find something to discriminate about: if it's not your weight, it'll be your height, complexion, where you live, your accent - you name it. Do what is right, and I hope you find peace with yourself regardless of what others say. I'm also a big girl and I want you to know that everytime I'm doing something right by my body, I'll be thinking of you and 'egging you' on :)

    Big hugs,

  10. Hi there,

    Just read your article on

    I'll be the first to admit i'm weightist, ageist, and a bunch of other ists at times, but I commend you.

    You might be big for whatever reason, but you're doing something about it. I'm not big, but i'm so lazy I don't go to the gym half as often as I should. But since I read your article I might actually go tomorrow ;)

    The ones who really get me are not necessarily big (though it can be uncomfortable sometimes squeezing in next to someone who is) it's the ones who think the world owes them something and don't care about anyone around them.

    I'd keep buying two tickets, but one for you.. and one for your middle finger - not your butt. :)

    Again, congratulations and keep up the good work.


  11. Hi Steph, you are inspiring, thankyou for having the determination to speak up !!! I have made a donation to your charity, go girl power.

    Enjoy !!!


  12. Hey Stephanie; you're a courageous woman and I too applaud your strength. There are a lot of people about today who are all too quick to be critical before having any level of understanding or awareness. It looks as though you are on a great personal journey and I wish you success in achieving all your goals. Judging by the early response to your press story you have a lot of people on your side and you should take encouragement from that. Thanks for putting yourself and your story out there; we can all learn from it and maybe think twice before we judge too quickly and harshly in the future. Best of luck to you :)

  13. I immediately clicked on the link to support you in your charitable quest. My receipt ($100) doesn't show it was linked to your quest so hope it does as I really wanted to express my support for you and your incredible attempt. My heart and thoughts with you for your climb!! Good luck. I cannot but applaud you and agree with many of the other posts. I got a giggle out of the "buy two tickets but the second not for your butt but for your middle finger." JR

  14. people on public transport need to learn manners. I was appauled to hear about the snide comments people make. Its this whole body perfect world we live in thats gone too far. So what if your fat! embrace it! Oliver