Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cupcakes, popcorn, hot chips, potato and gravy and more - my bad :/

I’m in a bit of a mood.  There’s no better way of putting it.  Girls get into moods occasionally but today one of them has gotten into me.

I also ate a fair amount of crap yesterday.  When I saw fair amount, it may be the equivalent of a cupful but it’s still more than I am used to having or more than what I should have.

I picked bits of cup cake, KFC chips, potato and gravy, garlic bread, iced coffee granita, pop corn, maltesers – I can’t remember what else.  It’s funny how the total amount of KJ I ate worked out to be the same that I’d normally have when eating my normal menu of 900KJ or under per meal.  It was the fact that I ate emotionally.  And that is not a good thing.  Especially when I am trying to be in pristine condition for the stair climb.

For my regular readers, you’d know that I don’t do the above very often at all.  The fact that I have owned up to it hasn’t ruled out the fact that I did it nor does it make it right.  Nor is eating my emotions the right way of dealing with things so, I went shopping instead.

I really wanted to go to Savers or Costco or somewhere else I could spend money but justify it however, instead I went on a shoe hunt and FINALLY found my runners :) in actual fact, I found 2 pairs that I liked however, these are my fave…

I tried them out at the gym today during my PT and they are really good.  They are light and they fit well.  This is what I am going to be wearing (on my feet at least when I do the stairs in 8 days time).  There’s not long left to go at all!  I’m training really hard and couldn’t be in better shape if I tried (well, other than the small things I ate yesterday!).  I am having 2 more sessions with Michael (one on Tuesday and an extended one on Thursday) and am really looking forward to getting up those 46 flights.  Please make a donation here

I am still continuing to get fantastic feedback about my story that was floating around last week.  It’s wonderful to have so much support :)


  1. We all have a crap food days. Yep I just will have to admitt to a crap food week. Stress is the evil in my life and right now I have way too much of it! Hang in there and I can't wait to hear more about your journey up thoose stairs!

  2. Those shoes are mad! Where did you get them from?

  3. Hi Claire,

    I got them from the NB factory outlet on Smoth Street in Collingwoood.

  4. People should butt out of other people life's. i take people for what they are. You sound like a very nice openly spoken lady you feel for your kids what is said in front of them, Well I know who have the problems and rude people all the other's that have judged u and people like you a true friend and have a heart of gold you go fight girl do it for u not those rude self centred people. Dont pay double fairs either who cares what they say bet the wouldn't come forward and say yes we were wrong and rude we are sorry. I have a different problem than you but I know what its like begin left behind because I cant keep up any more im proud of you and inspire me to get up and speak out on TV like that WAY TO Go.
    I hope every one that has said any thing cruel to you do understand how hurt full it can be.