Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First time I've had to stop :(

Today was the first time that I had to say ‘I can’t do it’ during a Personal Training session.  I was jogging and I think I had just under a minute left but my asthma was getting worse so I said to Michael that I couldn’t do any more.  I felt quite disappointed in myself although that I had to stop for health reasons however, it still made me a bit annoyed that I couldn’t do any more.  I am going to go and see my Doctor on Thursday to see what I can do to make sure that my asthma doesn’t stop me on Friday next week.  Although I won’t be jogging and lifting weights during the stair climb, I don’t want anything (especially that) to stop me.

My PT session was quite intense today.  My legs and arms felt like jelly an hour afterwards.  I am getting some kind of cold thing so, I guess that didn’t help but Thursday’s session is going to be harder and next week we’ll ease into things gently so that I am prepared for the climb on Friday.  I don’t mind what I get this week so long as it doesn’t affect me next week.

You may have seen some of the wonderful comments I’ve had on my blog in the past few days.  It’s been amazing to have such support.  Yesterday’s mX had a wonderful array of encouraging comments in ‘vent my spleen’ yesterday.  I was nearly in tears at North Melbourne Station!  I would also like to take a moment to thank our Prime Minister for dropping her carbon bomb shell on Sunday – this has eased the pressure on me quite a bit.  Not that I wasn’t enjoying being the centre of attention for a while, it’s just not something that I expected.

Some of the comments that I have had have been upsetting but, as I stated above, most of them have been fantastic.  I allow anonymous posts on my blog by choice but when people post things implying that they know me (or my family or my Children) or only have half the story, it is quite frustrating as although I have a right of reply, I am not sure if these people (or in this case, person) are ever going to see it.  So, if you have something that you wish to say to me (good or bad), giving me a way to reply to you personally would be appreciated as some of the comments are not only totally incorrect assumptions but can be quite hurtful to my family and friends.

There’s 10 days left to go until I climb those 46 flights!  I am sorry to go on about it but I am so excited!  I’m still seeking as much support as possible and if you can sponsor me in any capacity, that would be fantastic.  As you would know by now, I am doing this stair climb for my Nanna and I know a lot of people who have donated to this have done so because they have had a loved one affected by Cancer.  I’ve had a number of people ask if they can come up but unfortunately, this is not possible but showing your support in the way of a donation is.  Go to http://vic.cancercouncilfundraising.org.au/personalPage.aspx?registrationID=342014 and if you’re interested in organising an event to raise funds for this, let me know and I can let you know how to go about it and share a few suggestions that have been passed onto me with you.  Just shoot me an Email at movingforwardlookingforward@gmail.com

I’d also like to promote Nicky’s event.  Nicky is participating in ‘walk to cure Diabetes’.  Diabetes is something that I have not personally experienced however, a number of my family members have been diagnosed with it and although it is treatable, they have not yet found a cure.  This cause is something I am very passionate about and have supported Nicky but sponsoring her $50.  Please show your support for this fantastic event by going here http://walk.jdrf.org.au/teamParticipant.asp?participantID=275


  1. Are you going to a Fernwood gym? One of their idiot personal trainers insisted I jog despite my being 128kg at the time. When I told my doctor how much it hurt he was absolutely furious and said the pt should be shot. At high weights, jogging places a lot of strain on your joints and should be avoided. When I started seeing a real pt (Fernwood's pts are hopeless. In addition to the clueless one I was seeing, two of them were laughing at me doing squats, forgetting there was a MIRROR in front of me and I could see exactly what they were doing. Bloody idiots) he was insistent that he'd never have a client with a weight problem jog. Damage to their health aside, he'd lose business when they invariably suffered an injury and had to cancel sessions.

    You need to find a new pt.

  2. No, I'm at Genesis in Melton. I used to go to Fernwood in Melton however, have been at Genesis for almost a year now.

    Gosh, I am sorry to hear what you went through. That's awful.

    I actually started jogging/running about 2 or 3 weeks ago and it's something that I suggested. I haven't had any pain or anything like that and when I do it, I hold onto the handlebars and hold myself up a bit which would obviously help take some of the pressure off my joints. I think of it this way - my joints have just been relieved of 60kg, I think they are quite thankful!

    Michael said to me from the start that if anything hurts or if anything is uncomfortable, to let him know. So far, all has been well.

    I'll only get a new PT when he is too famous and I can no longer afford him! He is fantastic.

  3. My mother felt absolutely no pain when she jogged at a higher weight and several years down the line is suffering from severe osteoarthritis in her knees. I dearly regret recommending she try out my gym as she ended up with another pt who insisted that she too should jog. I'm glad you're feeling ok, but please keep in mind that our bodies were never meant to walk at high weights, let alone take high impact exercise.

    Congratulations on the 60kg weight loss Stephanie! You're doing so well, and I'm so impressed with your determination to live well. You deserve to be the healthiest, fittest person you can be, for both you and your children. I've read your goal list and had to laugh - so many of your goals were my goals too. Seriously, being able to buy knee high boots has just about completed my life. Small things, but oh so important.

  4. You are amazing. You should be so proud of yourself. People who aren't proud are just jealous!

  5. You are awesome and I am so honored to share this with you! Stay strong honey, you can do this. ;-)

  6. Thank you sooooo much for supporting me with my diabetes. It's been 3 years since I was diagnosed a type 1. Was a big life style change, as well as going through the depression of why me, to now embracing it and supporting all my fellow diabetics in finding a cure. Stephanie, you are a true treasure. I am counting down the days of your big stair climb, it's come up so quickly!!!!! Though I'm sure my little bro has prepared you well. You are truly an inspiration. xxx

  7. You are so inspirational! Have only just stared reading your blog bit am now hooked.

  8. Hi Stephanie, Just found your blog by way of a Twitter post from the TodayTonightTau thing. I've just started blogging about obesity discrimination and it's horrible to see that occurring on the other side of the world! You are awesome for doing the right thing for YOURSELF, not for anybody's approval or whatever. Thank you for risking all the nasty opinions by going public with this. Like Cas said, you are SOOOO inspirational! Cheers. :-)