Monday, July 4, 2011

I shall vent MY spleen...

A few things to write about tonight…

I just got back from the gym.  I did some cross trainer (5 minutes), some walking and some running.  I was running at 8.5kph and I did 6 bursts of it doing each for a minute or so.  I didn’t do as much as what I would have on the cross trainer as I was talking to one of my friends who just got out of Hospital so, I was trying to control my breathing so that I could still speak to him and exercise at the same time!  It worked for about 15 minutes and then I had to go.

The aim of going to the Gym tonight was to see if my calf was still sore.  I have had problems with my left calf since Friday.  It has been aching and cramping up.  Tonight, it ached for about 2 minutes but, after that, it stopped.  It seems fine now.  Fingers crossed to see how I got during my PT in the morning.  I also wanted to get rid of some excess energy.

I actually really enjoy running, I find it challenging, thought consuming and powerful.  I love jumping on the treadmill, bumping the speed up to 8kph and just taking off.  Even if it is just for a minute.  I look forward to when I can do it for a little longer.  I am working my way up to it slowly.  I did manage to get a blister tonight so I’ll have to make sure that I cover that for tomorrow’s PT session.

I’ve had quite a busy day.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  I have a sleep number bed.  It’s fantastic.  It’s comfortable and I mould into it.  It’s great until you can’t find the remote control and because I’ve lost so much weight, I am laying on the wood (the base underneath the inflatable air pockets).  It is starting to hurt my back.  If I was just that bit heavier, it wouldn’t need pumping up.  I shall have to remember to phone them again tomorrow as I can’t sleep on the bed anymore.  I am going to have to go to Charlotte’s bed if I don’t replace the remote control soon.

I have a bone to pick with MX at the moment.  In their Newspaper (which I love dearly), they have a section called ‘vent your spleen’ which is where they invite readers to SMS their comments into the paper.  I have read things from people complaining about someone’s bad breath to the unreliability of Melbourne’s train network.  People comment on the unacceptable volume levels of the ‘young people’s’ iPods and others discuss how rude it is to pick your nails whilst sitting on the bus.  But then there’s the comments about fat people.  They are in there ALL the time. 

I am getting sick of it because today, I got picked on again by 2 separate groups of people at North Melbourne Station.  MX’s ‘vent my spleen’ was populated with comments from people saying how fat people should have to pay for 2 tickets because of the amount of room they take up.  It was saying how fat people are inconsiderate and how they should lose some weight or have to stand to that others can sit down.  I am annoyed at these comments and have contacted MX about it.  It seems by them running these opinions, it has given some members of the public the idea that it’s okay to attack a fat person and demand that they pay for 2 tickets when taking up more than 1 seat. 

For the next 2 weeks, my trains are being replaced by busses.  And guess who is too worried about catching the bus in fear of taking up too much room?  That’s right – me.  The morning isn’t so bad as I’d catch the very early bus so that there was plenty of room for plenty of people (and my bigger than average butt) but, in the afternoon, there is no way I am getting on that bus.  I don’t want to be a victim of an unprovoked attack by someone who is annoyed at the fact that I am taking up a bit more room than what I should.  It’s either Brad comes and picks me up for the next 2 weeks OR I buy 2 tickets to pay for the fact that my butt is big.

I feel as though the comments in MX are unjust and unfair.  I feel that they are quite discriminating and I really wish that they would stop generalising.  Not all fat people are selfish.  Not all of them don’t care about what others are thinking.  Yes, most of us are aware that we are taking up a bit more room than what we should but as you would know by reading this blog, some of them are doing something about it.  I am not losing weight so that others can sit next to me on the bus though however, that would be a bonus :) I am looking forward to when I get some company.

I shall write to MX.  And I shall whinge to them.  I shall take it as far as I can. And I shall continue to fight for the bigger people when I am no longer one of those written about in MX.

18 days until the stair climb!  I’m really looking forward to it now!  This has been a few months in the making.  And now that I think about it, I am not sure that I would have been fit enough to complete it when I first thought of it.  I’m happy that I’ve worked my way up to it.  $540 has been raised online so far.  I am still waiting for the Email to go around work and Genesis have circulated an Email about it as have friends of the gym and friends of friends etc… it’s great to see everyone pitching in!  Thank you all to those who have sponsored this event so far.  I am sure that I can keep the donations board up for a few weeks after the event because I know that I have had some people say that they’ll sponsor me once they’ve seen me do it rather than before hand – I’m up for a challenge (if you haven’t noticed!).  Here’s the link…

Spread the word, peoples :)

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  1. I am horrified that they would allow such an attack to go public. I am going to get my hands in a copy. Do you know how I would? You are doing so well. Each time I read your blog I feel inspired to make a change in my life mainly about my weight. Thank you. Your honesty helps me relate and even when you have written things you might find embaressing to disclose you need ro know that there are so many people out there who feel normal because of what you wrote but also motivated to so something to change for the better.