Monday, July 25, 2011

Tired :/

Today we said farewell to Nanna.  Her Funeral was at 10am this morning and it was wonderful to see so many people there to pay their respects.

The service was very touching.  It was amazing to hear so many things about Nanna.  I had no idea about some of the things that she had done during her life.  I know that Nanna put together a Biography a few months back so, I’ll need to make sure that I grab a copy from him.

Nanna will never be forgotten and will always be missed.  Poppa requested that donations be made to the Cancer Council in lieu of Flowers.  $400 was donated and will be put toward the amount that has been raised so far for the stair climb.  I can’t wait to see how much is in the tins that were collected at work.  There is also some money at the Gym that I need to bring in.  I know we’ll get to the $5,000 and I will do as I promised and will continue to raise funds to find a cure for Cancer. 

A special thank you to Trishy for looking after Charlie Kate today.  Charlie hasn’t been well since Saturday and Trish looked after her today.  They had a wonderful time together – Charlotte came home with beautiful hair and nails.  She has been telling me about what she did with Trishy all day.  She loves her Trishy.  Trish, thank you for being such a wonderful friend (and agent xo).

Thank you for all the support over the past few weeks.  I have received some wonderful messages of encouragement from friends and family.  These are the things that have kept me going.  I really appreciate it xo

It’s been a strange few weeks.  I’ve had very little sleep and when I have been sleeping, I have been waking up.  I have been sleeping at strange times as well.  Today when we got home, I just went to bed and didn’t get up until just after 6.  I’ll go to bed in a minute and try to get back into some kind of routine.  I have a PT session tomorrow and am back to work on Wednesday. 

I have decided on my fitness goals for the upcoming months – I am going to have a go of the Eureka tower I think.  I’ll be able to use the stairs at work to train.  I was shocked to hear that the Rialto is only a few more stories higher than my work but, Eureka will be a challenge.  That’s in November.  I am also doing the Relay for Life in November which I don’t need to train for but, I’d love to run a few laps rather than walk so I am going to work on the length of time that I can run for.  Next year, I am going to play a team sport – either Football or Netball.  I will have to see what the Children are up to as I’d have training commitments.  I am going to get Brad to coach me during the off season and help me brush up on my basics.  I shall have to go back to the Nike factory and get those hot pink football boots now :)

As for weight loss over the next 6 weeks, I’m going to aim for the 10 again.  I had to work hard to get the 9.5 and I think I can probably work harder especially now that I am doing more.  I don’t mind if I fall shy of the 10kg again.  I do think 10kg is a reasonable goal and I shall do my best to make it.

I am addicted to cheese.  I have lots of cheese based dips in my fridge at the moment.  I am also drinking a lot more which is good.  I am enjoying my diet cordial as well.  I am able to sway some of my cravings also.  Tonight, I felt like having sponge cake.  I have wanted it all day.  Tonight, I decided that I would have a banana smoothie from Subway instead.  Yes, still full of sugar but a lot better for me.  It’s good that I am able to make the right decisions even when under pressure.

I shall keep everyone updated on when the Today Tonight story is going to be on.  I spoke to Lynda today who will give me a call on the night it’s going to be aired.  I am not sure when it will be but I will certainly keep everyone in the know.

I’m going to do some measurements this week to see how I’m travelling.  I have 2 PT sessions this week and shall continue my couch to 5km app as well.

Hope everyone is well xo

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  1. Go to bed and have a good rest. You so deserve it.