Saturday, May 28, 2011

Oh what a night :)

I had a wonderful night last night :) work held their annual trivia night and I thought I’d go along.

I was a member of the team called ‘the Raptures’ and we came forth. It was a great night. I had way too many drinks (Vodka and Orange Juice being my drink of choice). I’m tempted to add up the approximate number of kilojoules I ingested however, I lost count of how many drinks I had toward the end of the night!

Today, I have pulled up quite well. I am going to attempt to go the gym a little later on, if not the gym, I aim to go for a walk in the fresh (but cold) air.

I just got back from the shops and I was trying to work out what to have for lunch. A pie would have gone down so well but, I ended up settling on having a cup of soup when I got home. I did this because over the past week, I have realised how amazing I am feeling.

I’ve mentioned before that my seat belt fits me, my stomach and steering wheel no longer meet when I am driving the car – I may even need to move the car seat forward a notch. Brad noticed how much weight I’d lost today when he literally said the ‘f’ word under his breath. I asked what was wrong and he pointed out the top I am wearing now was one that didn’t fit me before without showing my stomach. Like, REALLY showing my stomach. It now fits really well and covers everything.

I am still fat and have a long way to go but, my tummy is starting to shrink and it is becoming flatter. It is very spongy and I don’t like it’s texture :/ I am going to take my measurements at some stage today to see how I am progressing. I have my next appointment with Dr Winnett on the 9th of June so, I have just over a week and a half to make everything count. I am hoping for a big number but, even if it’s not – just the way I am feeling is enough to be satisfied. I don’t think I need a fill but, I’ll speak to Dr Winnett about it.

I hope everyone has a good weekend :) I’m off to try and get these babies to sleep – I HOPE they have a nap. They haven’t been well so, they haven’t been sleeping properly. It’s been an interesting few sleepless nights!

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  1. You look amazing. You have lost so much weight. You can see it so much now.