Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's day :)

What an exciting few days :)

Firstly, I’d like to reintroduce you to Tracey, Brisbane’s yummiest Mummy :) Trace was informed that she had won the title on Friday night. I am SO proud of her. If you haven’t yet read her blog, go across and have a read at what she’s been through

I met Tracey on a weight loss forum almost 6 years ago. We have never physically met (that’s coming up soon, I hope!) but, we have been through thick and thin (no pun intended) and both had surgery around about the same time. She had her gastric sleeve surgery 6 months ago and has lost over 30 kilograms. This is not something she would have even thought about doing this time last year. If you had have said to her that she would enter something like this let alone win something like this, she would have said you were insane! I am SO proud of her. Thank you all who voted for her.

Congratulations, Trace – Brisbane’s yummiest Mummy :) xo

Today has been a bit of a tough day for me. I am not sure why but I have been in a mood. At lunch time, I just felt like eating and couldn’t do so. It was a horrible experience. It is something that I have experienced before but it’s still something that I find terribly irritating. I almost felt like crying. I sometimes feel as though I have punished myself by getting the band. I feel annoyed at it sometimes. Not at it. Just the situation. I need to look at it this way though – I have had my fair share of fish and chips and KFC and any other food you can think of in my time and it’s crunch time now. I still need to find different ways of dealing with my feelings when I feel like eating. I am going to write some things down over the next few days so I have a list of things that I can do when I feel that annoyed.

Tonight was take away night in our house. Everyone had fish and chips. I ordered a Chicken Souvlaki with garlic sauce and ended up just eating the salad part of it. I realised that in the end, it was just the garlic sauce taste that I craved – not the rest of it. I wouldn’t be able to eat chips even if I tried so it was good that I need to steer clear of them give the fact they don’t go down anyway. I was quite satisfied at the end of it. I felt as though I’d had take away but I didn’t really (if that makes sense). I am having a vodka and orange before I go to bed to celebrate the fact that I have almost finished cleaning my room! FINALLY! I also did have a tiny piece of Chocolate cake tonight (well, probably a tablespoon full). I am back on track tomorrow – not that I really went off it but it was naughty to have the cake and the vodka.

Tomorrow is Mother’s day :) happy Mother’s day to all the Mum’s out there! I love Mother’s day. I have 4 beautiful Children who mean the world to me. I am sometimes tempted to list them on Ebay but, all in all, I am so proud of them and love them all so much. I can’t believe my baby is 12! I held his hand yesterday in the Car when we went to the Furniture store and as I was holding it, all I could think of was when he was a newborn and he used to hold my thumb. He was so tiny. Cal was tiny as well. He was such a gorgeous baby. He had such soft hair. He didn’t open his eyes much in the first few days but when he did, I was amazed at how beautiful they were. My babies (well, my 3 year old babies) are so special. They are delights. I am blessed to have twins. They are such hard work but I love watching them grow every day. They make me smile.

From front to back - David, Charlotte Callum and Lachlan

Not only does Mother’s day come with bragging rights about how gorgeous your Children are, the possibility of a sleep in, presents (if you’ve behaved yourself), Children to wait on you (when they feel like it) and the right to shout out ‘it’s Mother’s day – you need to behave’, it also comes with a huge breakfast. Cereal, bacon, eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, baked beans, French toast, juice, coffee, a plate of fruit – nope. Not tomorrow. Tomorrow, I have asked for a banana smoothie and a cup of Coffee. Given the fact that bananas are around $4 each at the moment, I feel pretty special to be having one. I will also celebrate Mother’s day by having a walk with my Kids or playing footy at the park or something like that. It’s going to be a change for me. Something I didn’t think about a lot until this morning. Tomorrow will be my 13th Mother’s day and my first where I won’t be indulging like I used to. I trust they’ve bought me heaps of presents to make up for it!  I already know that I am getting a book case as since I had my lap band, my book fettish has really kicked in and I have ran out of room to put them. 

I am back to work on Monday. I AM bringing in my Sneakers and I will be doing a practice walk during my lunch break. I am going to see how far up I can get. I am thinking I’ll get to my floor (which is 15). If I feel like I can do more, I’ll have to go back downstairs and I’ll have to walk back up as the building is secure so you can’t get out on any of the floors I you don’t have a pass for them. Last thing I want to do is climb to level 30 and not be able to get out! Eeek! I’ll take some photos of my trip and post them on the Monday. If I survive!

I have posted some new pics as well in my photos section. They are of when I had Lachlan and Callum. I was quite young when I had the boys. I was 18 when I had Lachlan and 21 when I had Callum. I was around 120kg when I had Lachie and I was just under 100kg after Callum was born. I lost so much weight when I was pregnant with Callum as I had gall stones. Not something I recommend to anyone but certainly a good way to lose weight! Especially when you have to have them throughout your whole pregnancy! I need to take a full length photo for this month as well.

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