Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another NSV!

I think that I am starting to become a Lady. I have noticed that over the past few weeks that I have been a lot more interested in thing like handbags and clothes – I think possibly because they actually fit me and I am feeling a lot more feminine now that I have a bit more choice of what I can buy. Although I haven’t shrunk a lot, I am able to fit into clothes that would have been way too small for me to even consider buying a few months ago. It’s a fantastic feeling. I am just waiting for my feet to get a bit smaller so that I am able to fit into shoes. At the moment, because of the swelling, I am not able to fit into anything other than thongs although the thongs that I am wearing although when saying that, they are becoming a little bit loose as the swelling goes down!

Today I had a non scale victory. My Father bought a Morris Minor 1000 (a 1962 model) about 3 years ago. When he first bought it, he gutted it and it didn’t have seats in it for a while. When he eventually put seats in it, I wouldn’t dare sit in it as there would have been NO WAY I would have ever considered sitting in the car as I know that I would not have fit In it. Today, Dad asked me if I wanted to try and get into the Morris and I couldn’t believe it but, I fit! We went for a drive to Nanna and Poppa’s house. I did end up sitting in an angle as it was a bit squishy but it was such a fantastic feeling to be able to get into the Car. I’ll have to try and see if I can get into Mum’s car as well as I wasn’t able to get into it a not so long ago.

I have still been struggling with my eating although I have been paying attention to it over the past few days, ensuring that I am not eating things that I really shouldn’t be. I did have a few drinks on Saturday night. I am sometimes eating when I am not hungry and the more attention I pay to it, the better I am doing in trying to combat it. It’s hard work though. I once again compare it to smoking – when you are a smoker and you are stressed, you smoke a lot more. When you are an emotional eater and you are stressed, you eat a lot more! I have been very good today though. I had a shake for breakfast, a ¼ of a wrap for lunch (which was soggy because it had salads in it – YUCK) and for dinner, I am having some vegetables and am going to ATTEMPT to have some roast pork.

That’s it for tonight :) thank you to everyone who has been messaging me worrying about me as I haven’t written for a few days. I am okay – I have just been really busy!


  1. woot about the nsv that's fantastic.. :) esp getting into the car.. that's my goal :) (to get into any car that is lol but i'm getting there..

  2. That's fantastic :) it's nice to start feeling 'human' again xo