Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another productive PT session

I don’t know what’s wrong with me at the moment. I have NO energy.

I have been eating as normal (90% of the time), I have my multi vitamin, I am exercising and I am getting a fair amount of sleep per night. I am not sure what is wrong with me.

I spoke to Michael about this today (hoping he’d go a bit easier on me considering I was so tired) and he suggested perhaps I am pregnant. I was quick to inform him that I have got 4 Children and 4 Children is plenty for me. I am going to really focus on what I am eating to make sure that I am getting enough nutrients and food to match the amount of exercise I am doing. The input does need to match the output. When you have a band, it can be hard to consume all you need to in the way of essentials so, it does take a bit of practice. Something I am far off mastering!

My PT session was fantastic. No stairs today! He got me to do some weights (gees, not even sure what they’re called – it’s lifting a weight over your head – should have asked him how heavy they were cos it was sore!). I had to push him along the floor and do some boxing. He got me to do 7km of the bike after our session. I did a warm up before hand and it was 5.1kph on an 8% incline. He then put it up to 10%! It’s great that I am able to do things like this now.

Naughty corner time now. I said that I have been ‘eating as normal’ and then added ‘90% of the time’. Well, the other 10% has been filled with Chocolate (on Wednesday), a serve of butter Chicken and rice (which I grazed at the whole day), some more Chocolate (at home) and a piece of Salami. Other than that, I have been great. I have blended my Soup for work tomorrow (it’s home made slow cooked Chicken and Vegetable) and I will have a drinking yoghurt for breakfast or a shake. For dinner tomorrow night, I will have some really soft vegetables whilst the others have orange ham with mashed potato and veggies. That might be why I have been feeling a bit off colour over the past few days. I eat because I am bored.

I have actually bought my friend from work a little present that might deter us from our boredom eating. It’s becoming a big problem for both of us! Hopefully they arrive before we require more food to relieve our boredom.

Who likes free things? I do! I am a sucker for free stuff and there was a promotion on Ebay the other day through Vista Print for some free business cards. I took up the offer as I wanted to put my blog address and Email address on them. When I write, my Ls look like Cs so, often mail is addressed here for Stephanie Cowdell. Lol. It’s the same with my blog address. Because it’s so long, some people can’t read it so, I designed some freebie business cards and they arrived today. I was so excited! They look great. I felt a bit ‘up myself’ for getting them done but, at least now I don’t have to spend ages writing something that is not legible! It took me some time to think of what to write on them but, I have put written ‘be part of my journey’. Underneath that, I have written ‘anything is possible’ and then my name, my email address and my blog.  I have found a picture of it :)

Hope everyone is having a good week and is keeping warm! Winter has arrived for sure!


  1. I love the card idea. You should just leave them in random places for people to pick up. Imagine the people that you could inspire out there. You amaze me.

  2. Thank you, Leah! As I said, it's more so because no one can read my hand writing and I end up writing it really small or too big and then they can't find where to go anyway! I think they're gorgeous. I shall put some in my purse.

  3. I did not think you ate junk food?

  4. I'm only Human! Of course I eat stuff that I shouldn't eat. The hard part is admitting that I do it and recognising the fact that I'll probably do it again. Over and over again!

    I eat no where near as much junk food as what I used to - a lot of it doesn't 'go down' properly. If you look back to my earlier blogs, you'll see that I used to write a list of stuff that I resisted. I haven't had to do that since I had the band as I focus on the
    long term results.

    I'd love to meet a bandit who has never had anything that's not good for them since they had the Surgery!

    I must be doing more things right than wrong to get the results that I am getting :)

  5. The weight over you head - was it a ball thing? They are called Kettlebells :)

  6. I'm just looking up what the weights are called - all I know is they were SO heavy!

    You stand oppisite the eqiupment and you hold onto the barbell and you lift it up into the air and you bring it down to your chest (well, as far as you can to your chest cos it's so heavy) and then you lift it up again. Not sure what it's called...