Thursday, May 26, 2011

'46 floors - one step at a time' - what have I gotten myself into?!?!

In a bid to raise money for research into a cure for Cancer and to enable the Cancer Council to continue to provide support to those who are affected by Cancer, I am going to climb up the 46 floors of my building.

A simple task for some but for me, it’s going to be a huge challenge. I weigh just over 190 kilograms. I have lost almost 50 kilograms since August last year and participated in the Cancer Council’s ‘Relay for Life’ in Melton back in April 2011. After completing that challenge, I was trying to think of a new goal to set myself. I ended up deciding on climbing the stairs in my building.

I am seeing my personal trainer twice a week leading up to the stair climb and am training hard to make sure that I complete it. My personal trainer (Michael from Genesis in Melton) will be doing the climb with me and will be adding weight in back packs to make it a personal challenge for himself.

In the back of my mind will be thoughts of my Nanna who is a Cancer sufferer. She is so brave. And I am so proud of her. Watching her go through the things she has gone through in the past few months have really made me realise how cruel Cancer can be and I want to work to raise funds so that perhaps soon we can live in a Cancer free world. When things get too tough, I’ll think of her and what she has gone through during her battle and these thoughts will keep me going.

PLEASE NOTE - I'm not expecting you to be able to attend to come and witness my moment of madness (unless of course you want to!), what I am asking is that you make a small(or big donation) to the cause that I am doing it for - the Cancer Council of Victoria. Here is the link to the page where you can sponsor me...

Remember, all donations over $2 are tax deductable and if you sponsor me before the 1st of July 2011, you can claim your donationas a deduction in this years tax return! WOOO!

Here is a link to the Facebook event listing - it would be great if you could join and share it around with your friends...


  1. are you worried you might not make it?

  2. Not really. I haven't thought about it that much. If I get tired, I slow down. It's not a race. I just want to get to the top. Even if it takes all day, I'll do it.