Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 weeks post Op... (well, almost!)

Tomorrow, I'm back to work!  Tomorrow, I'm officially 2 weeks post op!  To celebrate, I started my next food stage early...

I had a crumpet for tea!  Probably not the best thing to have.  I mashed it and chewed each piece a million times.  I have had a vegemite craving for SO long.  It was nice to satisfy that craving.  I ate each piece slowly and chewed until it as total mush.  I had it over 2 hours ago so it seems that everything has gone down well :)

I went and saw a friend today who I haven't seen in quite some time.  Amelia was amazed at how I am looking.  She said my skin looks amazing and she said how happy I am.  Carly from the babies Creche aid the same thing the other day.  She hadn't seen me in 2 weeks.  It's lovely when people notice.  I hope people notice tomorrow. Not just the weight loss but the fact that I am feeling better within myself.  This is what comes across the most.

We went to the Aquarium on Sunday.  Here are some pics.  It was a fantastic day.  I can see my loss in these photos.  I am SO proud.  It's great that I can now see these changes myself.

L-R - Lachlan, Callum, Me then David and Charlotte in the Pram

Drinking 'ensure' for lunch.  Blah.

Kissing Penguins :)

Weigh day is tomorrow!  I'm still not over the fact that I am under 200kg.  I am so proud.  I know that due to the liquid diet you are able to lose a lot of weight and I need to be prepared that I may put some of it back on and given the fact that I am only just under 200kg, I have to accept the fact that I may creep into the 200kg bracket again but I am going to do everything that I can to make sure that this doesn't happen.  This is not part of my plan.

I did do something today that worried me - I ate spoon fulls of Nutella.  I didn't realise I was doing it until I pulled my top down and felt my sores.  It was then that I remembered that 'no, I don't want to eat Nutella' and put the spoon in the sink right away!  I know that it's going to take some getting used to but, it's amazing how you don't realise yoour habits until you no longer want them as part of your life.  That would have been such a normal thing for me to do (not every day) but, having a spoonful of peanut butter or Nutella or Milo.  And yes, I am known to suck on the odd spoonful of vegemite :)

I see Dr Winnett on Thursday.  I look forward to seeing what he says about my weight loss over the past few weeks.  I can't wait to get these medical tapes taken off.  Welts are coming up around the edges.  They are really irritating.  One of the welts is bleeding :/
I shall post my weight up tomorrow :)

Hope everyone has a great week xo

P.S - I do use a spell check when doing my blogs but I have been using Brad's Computer of late as mine has broken and Brad's is a netbook - NOT designed for long nails or touch typing!  When my Computr is fixed, I'll go over each one and fix them up :)


  1. Hey Steph,

    I am a new follower of your amazing blog!

    Congrats on achieving your dreams so far, I will be a regular visitor now you got me hooked!

    I thought about getting lap banning done so reading your story is very inspirational!


    Mel x

  2. Hi Mel,

    Welcome aboard!

    I am happy you're finding my blog helpful and hopefully it continues to do so.

    I been a bit slack in writing it of late but expect to see a lot more
    action and updates!