Friday, November 26, 2010

I can't believe it! GOAL FINALLY REACHED!


Yes, I know weigh day isn't until next Wednesday but, this morning I couldn't resist :)

My scales talk.  She says 'hello' and then a few seconds later, she says 'I'm ready'.  I stand on her and she says 'two hundred and such a such a kilograms.  Goodbye'. 

This morning, I tapped her with my foot which started the 'hello' and then, as usual the 'I'm ready' followed.  I stood on her and about 10 seconds later, tears ran down my cheeks when I heard 'one hundred and ninty eight point four kilograms.  Goodbye'.  I couldn't stop crying.  I stood on them again to double check and yes, it's right.  I can't believe it.

To reach under 200kg - the '200's' being a number that until 4 months ago I didn't even realised I'd reached, is such an accomplishment.  I feel happy.  Relieved.  Safer.  PROUD.  And although I am still in the hiigh hundreds, that number is going to drop every week from here on in.  That 23.6 kilograms is gone.  I'll never be over 200kg again.

I can't believe it.