Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Surgery :)

Well, I'm home :) I've just woken from my Nanna nap and I'm now sitting up in the Couch.

Although it is rather uneventful, here is my story...

Yesterday, I got up as usual and helped the Boys get ready for School. I was feeling a bit tired from the night before as I stayed up to watch movie. Other than that, I was calm and relaxed. A bit short tempered but that's nothing abnormal but I could justify this especially since I got up past my 'fast from' time and couldn't have a Coffee!

After the boys went to School, Brad organised the babies and I relaxed and watched the season finale of 'Packed to the Rafters' that I'd taped from the night before. After that, I headed off to the shower a packed a small Suitcase. I packed for a few nights (just in case I needed them). I put all of my good luck charms in my bag (a bracelet my Sister gave me several years ago, an Angel from Rach, a Doll from Loz and that note from Callum). I also had my necklace around my neck which had my pink Angel, locket and a heart that Mum bought for me last Christmas.

We left an hour later than what I had intended on leaving which worried me as I wanted to be on time! I wanted to bypass Trish's work before going in so that I could give her a big cuddle. I also needed to drop the Boys lunch off to School. Callum had asked me to give him a cuddle before I left to go to the Hospital. I couldn't find him as he was at recess so, I asked Lachlan's Teacher (who was standing in the Office) if she wouldn't mind doing it for me. She said that was fine so, I wrote that on the back of his 'I love you note' (that Lachlan's teacher would give him a hug from me) however, as soon as I wrote it, I realised that I'd written it on the back of Lachlan's note! I asked her if she wouldn't mind hugging him for me too. We both agreed that he'd probably back off (it's not cool for Grade 6ers to hug their teachers) but she said she would if he let her.

We headed off to Trish's work. It was nice to see her den :) at least I will know where she is Emailing me from now which is nice :) she gave me a huge hug and her goddess to borrow for the day.  I put the goddess down my bra which is where she spent most of the day :) after big cuddles, I left.

I was starting to get a bit nervous.  I am not even sure if nervous is the word.  I don't really know what I felt.  I was trying to distract myself by reading and playing with my iPhone.  When we got there, we pulled up out the front and I think then something kicked in.

We waited in the admissions area and I had to sign a few pieces of paper.  We were then taken up to level 3 and directed to a waiting room.  After sitting there for a few minutes, Brad pointed out that Steven Milne was sitting just under a metre away from me.  Uurrgghh.  That's when I started to feel sick.  I can't stand St Kilda!  CARN THE HAWKS!  The temptation to sing the Collingwood club song was great but I couldn't lower myself to do that either.  I was then called by my anesthetist (Mark) to have a chat with him.

We spoke a bit about the day.  He told me that he had written me up for some Tamazapam for when I n was laying on the trolley.  He asked how I felt and I told him I felt surprisingly calm.  I did mention that this may change as the day went on though.  He checked my throat (I think for when they stick the tube down) and he said everything looked fine.  He asked how I felt about being 2nd on the list.  I told him I was fine with this as this is what I had expected.  He asked me if I wanted to be move up and said no.  Don't like going first! I did mention to him that I had noticed some people sitting in the waiting room in their Hospital gowns.  I stated that I did not want to be one of these people as the thought of sitting around in he gown really did nothing for me!  He said I'd need to speak to the Nurse about this.

I went back and sat in the waiting room.  Milne was called away soon after.  I started to feel a little less ill!  No sooner had I sat back down, I was called into the little room again!  This time by one of the Nurses.  She asked me all the usual questions - do I have false teeth, do I have glasses, do I have any valuables etc... She measured me up for some compressions stockings but they did not have my size - something I'll be writing to them about.  If they look after people my size, they should be able to cater for them, especially when it comes to the compression stockings.  For some reason, this lady made me anxious!  Not sure why but, we got there in the end.  She then had to weigh me.  I asked if the scales went up to my weight and she said she wasn't sure.  Nope, they didn't.  I told her I was 202.4kg.  I didn't make it to under 200kg like I'd hoped but, I have lost 20.5kg.  I'm WRAPPED with this result.

I told her that I didn't want to wear the gown in the waiting room.  She said this was fine and that I could get changed when I was bought into the waiting bay.

We sat back in the waiting room and I half watched 'ready, steady, cook' but focused more on the Newspaper.  I went to the toilet twice.  The Nurse came back to get me and told me it was time to go to the waiting bay.  Brad could come with me.

I got changed into my sexy gown and hat.  Didn't have to wear booties.  I lay down on the bed and that's when the nerves kicked in.  I had a tiny bit of a cry and spent most of the time deep breathing.  Brad and talked about random things and had chuckles at the man next to us who kept being asked what procedure he was having.  It was a vasectomy.  Not something to laugh about but when he was asked 3 times, you could tell on the 3rd he was a bit sick of it!  lol.

After he left, Mark (the anesthetist) came in and put my needle in.

Then, Jason came into my little cell and sat on the bed 'you made it' he said.  We spoke about my liver and I told him that I hadn't been perfect on my Optifast.  He asked how much weight I'd lost and he said that everything would be fine.  I'd asked previously if he could take some pictures of the procedure for me and he said just to remind him on the day which I did.  He said he would make a DVD of them up for me.  He was so calm and relaxed and this rubbed off onto me.  I felt so much better after seeing him.  He really made me feel at ease.

Mark came back after this and gave me some stuff to help me relax.  I can safely say it worked.  I felt that nice rush to the head within minutes of it going in.After this, it's a bit of a blur.  I was told that it was time to go!  Brad gave me a hug and a kiss and watched as I was wheeled into theatre.  The theatre didn't scare me as much as I thought it would.  Last time I was in a theatre, it was when I had the babies.  They spent an hour and a half trying to get an epidural into my spine.  I have horrible memories of that moment as they didn't end up being able to do it, I had a general.

I was asked to move to the operating bed.  I heard they had Gold 104.3 on the radio. . I asked if this is what they would be listening too whilst I had my surgery.  Yes, I was told.  This bought me and one of the girls talking about music.  I confessed my love for the 80's stuff but said I also don't mind a bit of Lady Gaga.  I looked at the clock on the wall and it was 4.50.

Then, it was time.  They put the mask on my face and I smelt the familiar smell of anesthetic and I was off!

I don't remember waking up in recovery.  I do remember waking up in my room though.  They told me that Mum and Dad were there.  They did a few things to me before letting Mum and Dad in and Jason also came in to say how pleased he was with everything.  He said they'd used a smaller band than what they thought they would have to which he was pleased about.  He said that my liver was not as small as hoped it would have been but there was a nice clear path for them to be able to get through to my stomach.  I don't remember what else he said but he was very pleased.  He said I have beautiful internal organs.  That my anatomy is amazing inside.  This made me happy :)

Mum and Dad came in to see me.  It was about 8pm at this stage.  They stayed for about 15 minutes I think Mum said.  I was very much in and out of it whilst they were there.  Mum bought me a gorgeous little seal toy.  Every time I've had an operation, she has bought me a soft toy.  I am happy to see this time wasn't any different.  I think I said to Dad that I wanted to go driving in his Morris Minor with him and that I wanted to take Mum's car for a drive in a few months to see if I fit behind the wheel (unlike a few weeks ago).

The Nurse asked if I wanted anything to drink.  I said some apple juice would be great.  Jason had confirmed with her that we could have whatever fluids we wanted.  I had been sipping on the water but when she bought the apple juice in, oh wow!  It was SO NICE to drink it.  I spilt it because I fell asleep with it in my hand!  The Nurse bought me in some more and woke me as I was about to spill the second lot.  She was lovely as she got me 5 lots of apple juice throughout the night :)

Someone turned my TV on.  I remember hearing a show about the upcoming Royal Wedding.  I turned it off - even though the engagement was only announced day or so, I am sick of hearing about it!  I put it onto One HD instead.  I had no intention of watching it but at least it didn't have anything about the Royals on it.

I got up at about 9.30 to go to the Toilet.  I phoned Trish at this stage to let her know I was okay.  I was happy to hear that she was okay as well.  I got her to update my Facebook for me as I couldn't remember where my mobile was!  I tried phoning the kids at this stage as well but Brad's phone kept going to voice mail and I think the home phone was flat. 

I woke up with the phone still in my hand.  I dialled the number and the Nurse came in to do my Obs and asked me what I was doing.  I told her I was calling home to speak to the Kids. She said that they'd be in bed as it was 11.30!  I still rang to speak to Brad.  I don't remember what I said..

I remember being in and out all night.  At 1, I got up to go to the toilet an this is when I found my mobile.  It was in the front pocket of my suitcase!  I went on Facebook for a while and then fell back asleep.  I got up again at 4 and went to the toilet.  It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would to walk around although the Nurse made sure I wasn't going to fall or anything.

I had a blood test at around 4.40am and I then had a chest XRay at 6.  I didn't end up having to have the barium swallow.

Jason came in at about 7.  He gave me my disk of pictures.  He as very pleased to hear that I was virtually pain free. 

I was worried about the Lady next to me.  All night she was moaning because of the pain.  She'd had lap band done as well.  She wasn't able to get up to go to the Toilet.  She was in so much agony and howled when she had to sit up to have the chest XRay done.  At 3 or so she was almost screaming for someone to help.  I asked her if she wanted me to press my buzzer for a Nurse and she said yes.  She was moved down to the ward at around 8 as she'll be staying in for another few nights.

Breakfast arrived - corn flakes, bacon, a boiled egg, a bread roll with butter and jam, orange juice and tea.  I'm not joking!  I grabbed the orange juice and asked for a Coffee sachet as I didn't feel like tea.  The nurse came in about 10 minutes after the breakfast arrived saying 'I trust you know what you can and can't have for breakfast?'.  She's lucky I do!  I assured her that the corn flakes hadn't been eaten, rather tucked away in my suitcase to give to the kids.

My XRay and blood test came back fine and I was then sent on my way :)

When I got home, I looked at the pictures.  They are amazing.  It's like a pink cave with a river of fat.  Seriously, there is SO MUCH fat in there.  I wish they'd sucked it out. It's revolting to look at knowing that's inside my body!  The images are surreal.  There's about 20 of them. I will post them up here but in a different section as I know some people (like my Mother) don't like medical images.  I have named my  band 'Aller' (pronounced Ella) as the brand name is 'Allercan'.

I had a nap as well and then when I got up, I had some pain killers.  I had some more apple juice.  I am using my book 'knife, fork and band' to find some recipes in.  In  moment, I am going to have a few spoon fulls of leek and potato soup.  It smells Divine.

Thank you once again to everyone for the phone calls, the SMS, the messages on Facebook and the love and support.  I really appreciate it.  I'm going to print them up and keep them all.

I'm going to watch my first Episode of Neighbours as a Bandit and then, I'm off to bed.

Stay tuned... the journey has just begun xo


  1. They must be bloody stupid!!! All that stuff for breakfast!! Is this the first time they had done the operation? :P

    I am so proud of you hunny!! And now we can work on it together!!
    I am thinking about seeing a dietitian as well to help me get on track! I need motivation!!

  2. Good girl, sweetheart xo

    You can do it. I know you can. It's hard work but it can be done. Proud of you for taking this first step.

    It was funny to get the bacon and eggs! I didn't even feel like it but, I think about someone who may have felt like it. It would have made you so depressed. If you were sore an hungry and miserable, that would have made it worse. I am going to add that to my feedback form along with the stocking comment.

  3. I just found your blog via the Yahoo thread about Jason. I was banded by Jason in August 09, and have been a reasonably happy little bandit ever since.

    OMG, what hospital did you go to? To give you that for breakfast is terrible! I wasn't given anything other than water for both of my bandings. I think the first time I may have been offered some sort of soup, but that is about it! Luckily you knew what you couldn't eat!

    All the best with your weight loss, being banded was one of the best things I have ever been done.