Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hi all :) 

I hope everyone is well.  I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged.  It was on the 30th of November.  So much has happened since then but I've been SO busy - it's been hard to get on here and give an update.

Firstly, before I yabber on about what's been going on with me, I wanted to say how proud I am of those who have started making changes to their lifestyle to better themselves :) I am humbled at the number of people who have been inspired by my story and I love keeping up with their progress.  It inspires me to keep on going with my journey when I see those who have started their own because of the changes I have made in my own life.  Thank you all for this xo

So, I guess I should start with the follow up appointment that I had with Dr Winnett.  I saw him on the 2nd of December.  He took my dressings off (which I had changed several tims after the surgery) and was pleased with the way everything was healing.  The only part that wasn't healing as fast was my belly button but, that cleared up a few days later after twice daily betadine blots :)

At this point, he weighed me.  He said that I was 218kg.  Now, I don't normally argue with Doctors (especially Dr Winnett as he is very knowledgable and I trust him) but, I don''t understandd how there can be a 20kg discrepany in what his sales say and what mine say.  I let him know that according to my scales, I was a lot less.  I gave him a small Christmas gift - some samples from the Optifast range.  He has never had it before.  He promised that he would try the soups and the bars and the shakes by the time I saw him next.  He didn't seem to keen about it!  At least he'll know what it tasts like (crap) and will have a fair idea about what his patients go through for up to 6 weeks at a time!  I made my next appointment for the 27th of January 2011 where I will have my first fill.  I'm telling you now, I need it!  More on that a bit later...

I haven't had any problems so far.  I eased off the fluids onto mushies an then onto normal foods.  I have been able to eat pretty much everything but I do find that I can't eat Chicken as it seems to get stuck :/ I am chewing it enough but it doesn't seem to be going down easily.  For those 'non bandits' - when something gets stuck, it's an awful feeling!  For me, the pain is in my ribs.  I have only had one thing get stuck (the Chicken) and I had a sip of Coke which bought it right back up.  After I had the Coke, I tolerated the pain of it going past the food that was above the jammed bit and then seconds later, I vomitted some frothy Coke up and then about 20 seconds after that, I vommitted again.  This time, the piece of chicken came with it :)

I am still getting used to learning a few things about my band.  I notice if I drink with a meal, it hurts a bit as the liquid passes the food that I have already eaten.  I have also noticed that I have been able to eat a lot more in the last few weeks than what I was able to after I had come off the fluids.  I am not able to eat a normal sized meal but I am able to eat more than what I should be.  That is why I am looking forward to my fill!  I'll still need to rely on will power when it comes to making the right decisions about what to eat but at least I won't be able to eat lots (or more than what I should be) like I can at the moment. 

I will add my weights in the next few days but last Wednesday (29.12.2010), I was 198.6kg.  There was one point when I stopped fluids that I went back over 200kg - this was to be expected.  I was a bit annoyed about it but, it hasn't happened since.  Things can only go down from here.

I had a wonderful NYE - I spent it at home with my family.  I got a tad drunk (forgetting that alcohol will have more of an impact on me now that I am a bandit).  I had about 6 shots, 2 alcoholic apple ciders, 3 Vodka Cruisers and maybe 4 glasses of wine.  I was a bit gone :/ I have paid for it today though.  I don't drink a lot often so it's every few years I experience the 'day after' effects that one experiences when they've had a bit too much to drink!

I have spent some time thinking about 2011 and what it's going to bring.  It's nice to know that when I am sitting here this time next year, I should be under (or just over) 150kg.  I am not into resolutions - more goal setting. 

One of them is to eat healthy and exercise as much as I can.  I have been slack over the last month or so as it has been such a busy time.  I haven't been at the gym since the time I went after my surgery.  This will change. 

I will start using my 'lap band' plate and bowl that I bought for Christmas and I will also use the many Recipe books I bought pre Surgery to make up some yummy meals.

My other is to blog just as much as I was pre Surgery.  It is now that my transformation will take place.  I need to post all of my full length photos up as well.  I am also going to post up the photos that were taken during my surgery.  I will put these in a seperate area so that those who do not want to see them don't have to look!  I am also going to put up the photos that I took of my tummy the day after my Surgery so that you can see the bruising from where some of the instruments were put in.  This is quite common.  I will also take some photos of my scars which are healing really well.  They are very neat.  I know a lot of people who are considering lap band are worried about these sorts of things (the scarring etc...) so I am putting it up for those who need some reassuance or the mystery taken out of what they might end up with.

I also need to take measurements.  Something I wish I did when I said I was going to.  Better late than never!

I am also going to start using my CPAP machine again.  I haven't used it for at least a month.  Tonight, I shall wear Herman and shall do so again on a regular basis.

That's it for now.

I hope everyone had a fantastic NYE and that everyone has a wonderful 2011.  I can't wait to see what this year brings.  I can't remember the last time I was this excited about the year ahead.

Bring it on!



  1. I am learning so much reading you blog!

    Glad to hear you welcomed the new year very merry!

    Hope to hear from you soon

    - Mel

  2. I have been very slack with my blog as well, but I think thats cos I purposely fall off the wagon.

    I wanted to enjoy this Christmas, not that I wont enjoy next Christmas, just that I thought I have a year to 'get ready' for it, lol.

    Happy that you had a great NYE, always when you have a good one, you pay the next day, LOL!
    Your doing so well hunny!! I always tell people about you!! <3

  3. Hi Mel,

    Hope you had a wonderful NYE :) and a fantastic 2011!

    Miss Bec, get back on your wagon when you can and at least write about it. This may help. I hate writing about the bad things I've done or failures I'be experienced but at least I'm being honest with myself and sometimes pitting it down on paper (or screen in this case) can help you get that inspiration back that you need to get back with the program xo