Monday, November 22, 2010

4 days post Op

I did feel pretty good this morning when I got up.  So good that we ended up going out and having a BBQ in the park with Trish and Clint

I'm feeling so good in fact that we are going out to have a BBQ in the park with Trish and Clint. 

I can't moveng.   around very quickly and am still aware of my sorest spots on my tummy (my belly button at the moment). 

It' hard to know when i'm hungry as well.  There have only been one or 2 moment here I have had the slight incling that I am hungry and could possibly eat something.  When I say eat, I do mean drink.

I had my first shower yesterday.  I have been having a wash each day but becaue of my swelling, I don't fit into my shower.  I can't suck my tummy in to get past the shower door.  I stiood in the bath and bought the shower head over to the bath.  I might go to the gym and have a shower there.  I haven't been to the gym for months and I've been paying my membership so, the least I can do is go and use their bathroom facilitiles, hey!  It is annoying not being able to fit in my shower though.  Brings me back to a few months ago when I had to remove a panel to be able to get in it...
I am still very tired.  I'm off to bed in a moment (it's not even 7) so I hope I get a good sleep tonight a feel  little bit more rested in the morning.

Weigh day tomorrow :)

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