Thursday, June 2, 2011

A week 'til weigh day...

I DO NOT want Golden Syrup dumplings. Not at all! I have wanted dumplings for the last hour or so. I am not going to make them as I know I will eat them all and that would not be good.

I had my PT session today. Michael went easy on me because of the burns on my tummy. He got me to do this rowing thing with a dumb bell. I looked like a tool but, it worked. My shoulder blades are quite sore and I can feel it in my upper arms for sure.

I have my appointment with Dr Winnett next Thursday. It’s at this point that I get nervous about how much weight I have/haven’t lost. I also then remind myself of how I am feeling (great) so, I must be doing something right.

The funny thing about having a lap band is I often feel so full and so bloated. I then get the guilts that I have eaten too much. I then remember that I have the band and I’ve only had half a cup of food (or whatever it is) so that bad ‘I’ve eaten too much feeling’ applies in a different way now to what it did prior to November.

I am still finding the boredom eating a challenge. I ate quite a bit yesterday at work yesterday because I was bored and had nothing to do (well, I had heaps to do but I was bored with what I was doing so I ate!). I’ll bring some sugar free lollies in or something like that to keep myself from thinking of the food. The fact is, I’m not hungry – I am just eating. It’s not a good thing to do… any tips on how you’ve overcome boredom eating? I’d be grateful for them :)

Hope everyone has had a good week so far xo


  1. I always carry water with me where ever I go.

  2. suck on tic tacs.