Sunday, June 19, 2011

A nice relaxing swim :)

I hope everyone’s had a good weekend. Mine was quite average. I am still quite sick so it stopped me from doing things that I wanted to do. I didn’t attend a baby shower on Saturday or the one that I should have gone to today as I didn’t want to get either of them sick. I am happy to hear that they had a good time. Enjoying looking at the photos being put up on Facebook :)

I just got back from the gym. I did a lot of swimming. I did 1.25km of laps and I did another 1.25km of leg work and upper body work. I grabbed a kick board and did a few laps of kicking. I also used a a dumb bell and did some laps just using my arms. It’s quite amazing the difference between using your arms solely to move through the water. Like wise when you’re using your legs. When I was kicking, it took me ages to complete a lap but when I was using my arms, it didn’t take much effort at all. My arms are SO sore and I am going to feel it in my legs tomorrow morning for sure as I did 10 laps of running. I ran as fast as I could in the water. By the end of it, my calves were burning.

It was great to go swimming again as it’s the first time I’ve been since I had my Olive Oil burn. The burns are all healed (the biggest one is on it’s way ‘out’) so I guess now I understand why I got so tired at the end of my first 1.25km as it’s been some time since I swam.

Just under a month until the stair climb. I am into serious training now. Whenever I see a flight of stairs, I embrace them! I still climb up the Escalators at the station when I am heading up to work and am really focussing on eating the right things to make sure I am fit and ready. It’s been a bit hard over the past week as I have been sick but, things are all good now. Here’s the link to sponsor me -

$160 has been raised so far. I am going to start raising funds at work at the beginning of July so hopefully, I can raise some more money for the Cancer Council.

I am still only able to eat very soft foods and fluids. I made up a big batch of soup in the slow cooker yesterday which I’ll eat over the next week. I am still having shakes in the morning. Even a tub of yogurt is a bit too ‘bulky’ for me as it’s a bit too thick. Things are good though. I’m feeling great.

Off to make tea – everyone is having a Chicken Roll from Leonards with roast vegies. I am having soup :) either way, it’s an early night for me tonight as I’m off to work tomorrow. Feeling icky still but, I have to go at some stage…

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