Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tomorrow - the moment of truth

Tomorrow is weigh day.

I approach weigh day with much excitement. I HOPE I am under 190kg (if I’m not, I’m doing something seriously wrong) but I’d LOVE to be under 187kg.

Last time I said what I wanted to be, I ended up not being it so I am trying not to get my hopes up too much. I think I said it the other day – if I weighed myself every week, it would be a lot easier. I’d be able to pin point where I went wrong rather than having to wait for 6 weeks to find out the results to then wonder where I went wrong… 6 weeks is a long time to do nothing wrong in the world of diet and exercise. I think in the next 6 week block, I might keep a food journal. That works really well for me. I’ll buy an exercise book and keep a record of what I am having. That way, I can work out where I am mucking up and where I am going right.

I finally went and bought myself some Tea today. I went to the Oriental Tea House in Melbourne Central. I bought a few different blends, one of which I enjoyed today. I bought a gorgeous little tea pot/cup thingy (hard to describe) and indulged in the relaxing blend. I also bought some green tea which (I quote) “Green tea is well known for helping out our bodies in a number of different areas including managing obesity by increasing metabolism and stimulates fat oxidation and lowering chances of heart disease and developing certain types of cancer”. I got also got some Raspberry and Lime tea, Chrysanthemum, black tea and another one but I can’t remember the name of it. The store was gorgeous – they had all different samples and you got to try them in a shot glass :) there are so many things to choose from. I had a ball in there working out what I was going to buy. I want to venture in again but I shall wait until I have ran out of at least one of the teas that I purchased today.

You may have seen my link to the Newspaper article from ‘The Melton Leader’. I am excited that they have published my story :) hopefully it generates some more public awareness so that I can raise some more money for the Cancer Council. Here is the link again if you’d like to donate…

Remember all donations over $2 are tax deductable and you get a receipt Emailed to you right away.

I have my 2nd PT for the week tomorrow too. I’m not too sore today after yesterdays session although I did lots of stairs yesterday – and my legs are defiantly feeling it today! I was in quite a low mood yesterday. I did everything that Michael asked of me, I was just emotionally drained. It’s been a long few weeks and I think it’s finally catching up with me

Well, stay tuned tomorrow night for my weigh in result. Hopefully it’s good as I have tried quite hard in the past 6 weeks. I hope it has paid off. We shall see…

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