Monday, June 20, 2011

If the shoe (and the clothes) fit :)

What a day! So glad that I am sitting back on the couch attempting to relax. It’s been a long one.

I was 20 minutes late to work today. Well, I was an hour and a half late – I would have liked to have started at 7.30am but I didn’t get there until 8.50am. I haven’t been there for a week and didn’t even get the chance to look at my work due to the fact that I was on phones pretty much straight after I’d sifted through my 110 Emails. It was so hectic. We have new head sets at work and within 5 minutes of wearing mine, I had a massive headache. It was like wearing a headband that was too tight. It was awful. I ended up leaving at around 2pm as I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’ve asked for my old headset back but, I don’t like my chances… I shall worry about it when I get back on Wednesday but there is no way I am putting that thing back on my head. Others were having problems them as well.

When I was on the train, I decided that I’d go to the gym to try and get rid of my headache. I had taken a panadol and a neurfoan (thank you, Carly xo) and it hadn’t worked an hour after I took them so I wondered if exercise would. I took Lachlan to the Gym with me as they had the Kids Fit program on so, I took him upstairs and went back down to do some stuff. I was so pleased with myself when I walked up the stairs. I just walked up them. No struggling or puffing or anything like that. And you’d hope that would be the case for someone who is just about to climb 46 floors in just over a month however, I remember when I first joined the gym (even when I first started my PT sessions), I said I hadn’t gone upstairs because I wasn’t sure how I’d get up them. Now, I just do.

I managed 3 minutes on the cross trainer. Not bad for someone who hasn’t been at the gym for a while. When I got off it and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I hardly recognised myself. I look fantastic (with a long way to go) but still fantastic! I did some walking and some weights. I showed off a bit with the weights so, I’ll probably feel it tomorrow but, it’s all good. I also did some stairs. I don’t use the stair machine as I feel a bit unco on it at the moment but, I shall have another go tomorrow or Thursday to see how I go.

I got a delivery of clothes from ‘Old Navy’ and I was so pleased that they all fit and really well too. I ordered a pair of ‘yoga pants’ and they are SO comfortable. I shall adopt them as my new pants that I will wear to the gym. I got about 15 new tops and a hot pink Windcheater. I shall certainly order from there again (as soon as my bank balance recovers). Postage is a fair bit but, it’s worth it for clothes that fit me. I got this gorgeous linen top in my order that is actually loose on me. It wouldn’t have even gone over my head 12 months ago. It’s amazing at how far I’ve come. I love all of these non scale victories. I am feeling really good about myself at the moment and there’s more to come :)I also had the challenge tonight of finding closed toe shoes. I am going to ‘The Circle’ with Trish on Thursday and you’re not allowed to wear thongs. I found some shoes (shock, horror). It’s the first time I’ve worn anything other than thongs or runners in the past 3 years or so. They will kill my feet by the end of the day so, I’ll make sure I chuck my Havis in my bag for when we’ve finished. I’m looking forward to Trishys and my day together – it’s been ages since it’s just been her and I.

My sexy shoes and gym socks :)

I have a PT session tomorrow. I shall give it my all. I am so full of energy which is quite amazing considering I had none last week when I was sick. I am happy I have gotten better a bit quicker than what I expected – including getting rid of that bloody headache.

Life is good :) and you get out of it what you put into it. It’s funny how you only really learn that lesson once you start doing that. It’s up to you how you live your life. Sure, there are some things that are out of your control but, if you take hold of the parts that are, things just seem to fall into place and you benefit from it.

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  1. u look hot when ur sweaty at the gym